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Vast Wasteland

Today I found a quote that sums up my lack of desire to watch TV. Its from the website Mashable. "When television is good, nothing” not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers” nothing is better. But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite each of you to sit down in front of [...]

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Is the Media Anti-Religion? Attacks on Carrie Prejean Continue.

The latest attack on Carrie Prejean is about some modeling photos (semi-nude) that were sold to the tabloids.There seems to be some dispute as to when they were taken. So what? For some reason people who are religious have to be perfect in every part of their lives or else it’s a complete discredit to religion.

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Miss California The National Tragedy.

When is it inappropriate to share your beliefs? The Miss America Pageant. Perez Hilton was trolling for victims. His question was loaded. It was an atomic bomb of a question: a life sucker from which there was no escape. He knew it. The audience knew it. Prejean knew it. Carrie Prejean was led like a lamb to the slaughter because Hilton is a gory glory hound. After all Hilton makes a living by crucifying people.

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