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Twitter for Busy People

Some simple observations are that twitter is a cool tool to communicate and stay abreast of new information by those whom you follow. The problem is if you follow more than about 10 people who tweet often it becomes a full time job. Reading 140 characters about others becomes a monster to keep up with especially in a busy world.

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The Governator’s Flight Gets Terminated.

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had his flight end sooner than expected when the cockpit filled with smoke and landed at Van Nuys Airport.  Schwarzenegger took a photo and twitpic'ed it and tweeted. And his tweet.... A little adventure just now when my plane made an emergency landing. All's ok, though. And do you wonder if [...]

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CNN blasted by New Social Media

Since last Friday Twitterers has crucified CNN for their Iranian election coverage. Just do a twitter search with the hash tag #CNN Fail. The tweets blasting CNN has been huge. It has been so huge that CNN has had to address it and produce content refuting the tweets. It has also become so important that the State Department this week asked Twitter to postpone a scheduled maintenance shutdown of its service to keep information flowing from inside Iran amid the growing crisis over its disputed election. Associated Press.

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