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Happy 25th Birthday to U2’s The Joshua Tree

Time is a funny thing.  It passes slowly and then slips away faster than you ever imagined. Last Friday, U2’s masterpiece, The Joshua Tree, reached a quarter century mark and suddenly I feel old. I purchased the album the day it was released March 9, 1987 from Tower Records in Roseville, CA.  I had to [...]

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U2 360º FAN CAM Salt Lake City

If you went to the U2 concert at Rice Eccles Stadium May 24, we hope you smiled. You were on camera! The U2 360 FanCam images were taken after The Fray's performance. It appears they used a solution similar to Pictometry, a law enforcement tool. Visit www.u2.com/gigapixelfancam/110524. You can zoom in and move around the stadium [...]

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U2 Even Better than The Real Thing

Last night I got to go see U2 in concert at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. It was the 360 Tour I am a more classic U2 fan meaning pre "Achtung Baby", but the show was fantastic.  They played a mix of their vast catalog of music. The stage was massive taking up the [...]

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