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The Utah Legislature Supports the 10th Amendment but not the 4th

Apparently the Utah legislature is no fan of The Constitution. This year legislature passed House Bill 150 “Administrative Subpoena Amendments” that broadens the powers of prosecutors to bypass the Constitution once again but this time it includes more crimes which include suspected felonies, as well as cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment (misdemeanors).

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Utah Politics at Its Wackiest 2010

I love the politics of Utah… It’s a train wreck that never ends and is endlessly entertaining. The jackasses that run this state are plentiful. The schemes mostly hare-brained and mostly we can blame the Mormons if you read the majority of commenter’s posts on Utah news sites. Here are a few of my favorites [...]

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Sugarhouse Trolley Coming Soon.

Becker's latest boondoogle is a trolley line in Sugarhouse. Dictator Becker wants to spend $50,000,000 for a slow moving trolley line that runs a grand total of 2 miles or $48 a foot. UTA expects the streetcar system dreams it might get at least 2,300 riders a day. At that pace it would take 15 years at $4 a ride to pay the $50,000,000 off.

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Utah’s Bizzaro World of Law Enforcement

I personally find both of these law enforcement problems incredible appalling. On one side we have children who did something wrong but are being punished to the full extent of the law when really they are children who made a mistake that they may or may not have had an understanding of what they did. Nor did the children have the understanding of the possible consequences. This is a case of the punishment doesn't fit the crime. On the other hand we have the Police Chief and Mayor of Salt Lake City promoting the image of picking and choosing the laws that they enforce. We have criminals who have broken the law willfully and with intent by crossing the border illegally.

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How to get American’s to Swallow an Ugly Pill?

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is covering up the ugliness of The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) with a new road sign. UTDOT has decided to take the no shame route and advertise they are spending the economic stimulus package. Every road construction/repair project being funded by the ARRA will now carry this red badge of courage reminding us all that we are spending our grandchildren's future.

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