Making a Mockery

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Ok so this whole thing is new to me. I used to keep a journal but over the last few years I have seemed to have out grown it. Basically i don't have time. I kept one on my computer for a while and those files were lost recently with my crashed hard drive.

Well I am continuing to work on the Sundance website. It was supposed to launch yesterday but our stupid host has caused us all sorts of problems. They are xmission we haven't been able to log in to upload the sql database and then we could and then we didn't have the right permissions. blah blah blah meanwhile it is day three of Web Launch Crises. Getting fairly tiring.

Good thing next week I get a few days off to travel to CA for some much needed R & R. Today my boss is out of town and the place seems to be falling apart with disaster after disaster. I sure hope he is paid well. Any way another day another piece of excitement.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

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I thought that I would give this blogger stuff a try. im always interested in new webstuff. this website is a testiment to my experimentation. today is just another experiment with new stuff. really i am just testing this to see if it can improve my hits on my personal and business pages. it might be worth it to include it on the page that I am a webmaster for Sundance Resort. i am trying to increase the traffic to this site by 30% over last year. I think it can be done since no one has been promoting it. today is launch day of the newsite that i have been working on for the last few months. originally the redesign was going to be for last fall. i built a site but then as managements needs and wants changed it was quickly shelved. well i guess we will see how this goes.



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