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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Trolls Attack

For a while now I have been predicting the final curtain call for a radio station I have loved, KENZ 101.9 The end. After spending a year sabbatical in Los Angeles I returned to Utah to Discover the End. It was a welcome fit after leaving some of the greatest stations in the world in LA. I was a rabid fan of the station. Now as you have read I can't bear to listen to it as it struggles to redefine its self or implode upon itself for lack of a decent morning show, quality music and or dj.

What I find interesting is the amount of people agreeing with my position of the End is dying a horrible undignified death. I have received a lot of emails regarding this. Most posters hate the new guy Parker and especially hate Chelsea. I personally blame her for the downward spiral. In my original post about the failure to renew Mr. West's contract I linked to a site that had insider information about what happened. Mister West Boycott I have been following closely the comments posted to her site.

If you want to send Chelsea a I think you suck comment do so at her myspace page.

This subject has created a swell of support from fans of the Chunga and Mister Show. The blog post has also attracted a lot of trolls. I love internet trolls what a malfeasance they are. Secretly I believe that employees of Citadel communications have posted some of these hateful things. Unfortunately I have no evidence of it other than my gut feelings and past experience with internet controversy (My Sundance pages for those in the know caused quite a stir for some of the middle brass aka Mari Turner and Shawna Vanderlunden). Anyone who tries to make money via a publicity based business and doesn't follow their internet property for trends and chatter involving their business is a fool. Then again judging by the End's website maybe they don't care about internet marketing, and that is a business gaff for another rant. What a waste of an internet property.!?!

So the trolls have begun to gather at Dizzy Miss Lizzy's Blog like flies to a nice warm cow pie. I find it repulsive that the trolls gather to feed upon someone who posts their opinion about what happened to the dj and her opinions about the show. Its all very sad to me that someone who disagrees will make very personal attacks on a person for expressing their opinion. However that being said I think that this just adds credence to the fact that I believe that decay of 101.9 The End is beginning to stink and the station is drifting into oblivion. Its like the death of an old friend. I think some of the trolls might be employees or close friends of the station who are feeling the heat from the dismissal of Mister West. They are slowly reading the writing on the wall and feel helpless in the demise. Shake ups and major staff changes always send a ripple through the rank and file fan and employees. Staff often times have the same symptoms of grief. I think that right now they are in the anger stage.

What I am saying is the removal of Mr. West has brought the slow destruction of a show and radio station to a head and people are beginning to voice their opinions about the subject. They are beginning to say we don't like the direction this station has taken. Do I believe that this blog will change Citadel broadcasting, only in my wildest fantasies but no I know that it won't. This fact of the inability to change a corporate policy in this instance has has brought out the trolls. Those internet vermin that like to call names and hide behind the mask of ambiguity of their keyboard not having the balls to attach an identity to their ideas. I read recently that it is because trolls are stupid and this makes them unhappy and they want others to be unhappy too. Web Trolls: A definitive document to cover the utter sadness of the Internet troll is a very funny read.

“If you can't answer a man's arguments, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.” Elbert Hubbard is a quote someone posted in response to some trolling on Dizzy's site. I find that funny. What a slam in a nice eloquent little quote.

One last peace of evidence that the End is dying... This post from X96 Radio from Hell Blog.

If you want to send Chelsea a "I think you suck" message try her myspace page or her psuedo-work email

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Chelsea the Idiot DJ

This morning as I drove to work I needed to find out what the weather was going to be for a job I am doing at work. I flipped off of satellite radio and onto terrestrial radio. It was tuned to 101.9 The End. It was the beginning of stupid news so I stayed and listened. I enjoy hearing stores about the stupidity of people. Listening to 101.9 morning show has become something that over the past year I have rarely done due to the downward spiral of the KENZ Morning show Jimmy Chunga. The show has begun to stink and recently the radio station didn’t renew Mr. West’s contract and the show has become stale. This morning Jimmy Chunga was funnier than he has been in a while. However it only took 3 minutes into the piece to be annoyed by the dumbest DJ ever on KENZ, Chelsea. I wish they would fire her. First off I find her laugh irritating and I think that mostly has to do with the fact that she laughs at weird times, kinda like clapping at a concert on the wrong beat. Anyway Jimmy told a story about a shirtless bicyclist that used to haunt him early in his career and the unoriginal wet blanket known as Chelsea had to regurgitate an almost identical story. What was the point Chelsea? This has been standard since Chelsea started on the show. Then the next gaff by Chelsea the dumb was when Chunga said he had never been to Ohio and hoped to never go there and she says, “You don’t want to go to Chicago?” Whoops I guess the girl genius didn’t pass basic geography because Chicago is two states away in Illinois. I did enjoy Chunga and Corte making fun of her. The next stupid news was about a soldier kicked out of the army for getting breast implants. Chunga and Corte go on to tell how they have a plastic surgeon that is often on the show and that Chelsea is constantly sucking up to him to get free fake boobs. Again they were mocking her and she goes along with it saying how the doctor is creeped out by her constant sucking up. It often appears that all Chelsea wants to be is a whore and she is unabashedly open about her pursuit. Come on Chelsea have some self respect. So why do I continue to blog about Chelsea the DJ. I blog about her because she has taken my favorite radio show and has made it so bad that I can no longer stand to listen.

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The Worst..

Lately I have grown tired of the following phrase and any version of it: “I think our current President is one of the worst in the long history of this once great nation.” I am sick and tired of reading every article, every sound bite, and every news clip proclaiming that the current president is the worst. Maybe he is maybe he isn’t but it seems everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon and playing partisan politics. Don’t you people remember Clinton? Everyone thought he was the worst. Before that there was Ronald Reagan in his second term and the Iran-Contra program and even before that there was Jimmy Carter. When I was 9 years old my parents bought 2 pigs and named them Jimmy and Rosalynn because my parents were so disgusted with high inflation, high jobless rate and interest rates in the high teens not to mention the bungling of airline strikes that forced my job out of work every other year. During Carters administration there was something called the misery index that tied together Gas Prices, Inflation, Unemployment and Interest rates. Before Jimmy there was “Dick” Nixon who turned out to be a paranoid genius who resorted to criminal behavior because of delusions of losing his job. The main point of this diatribe is that fact that I am sick to death of people just taking what the media feeds them and regurgitating it back. I visited three myspace websites today (don’t ask why? It was research of the galatically stupid. Look for the blog post later.) that in their bio included the phrase I think this president is the worst or some other version of the same common theme. I believe in the freedom of speech. I believe that the expression of ones opinion is a right and should be exercised often. However instead of pointing out the problem with negative attacks why not turn it into change. Free thought has left the building and we are now building thoughts on top of the media’s assertions that their ideas are the only correct ideas and then pushing them down everyone’s throats until we are sheeple. Bashing the President every chance you get on everything doesn’t help change or fix a problem. I guess I am tired of the cynicism, the negative attacks. I think people should try to find what is good and right about things and not what is bad and negative.


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Monday, January 07, 2008

What People Search On to Find My Site

I built this website 10 years ago for a few simple reasons that are still true today: Reason #1 to learn how to build a website. (Now it’s mostly Search Engine Work) Reason #2 To share my life with friends and family. Reason #3 To Vent about life. A What’s Eating Eran Bair?

I use Google Analytics to gather data about my website. Recently I was browsing my websites analytics to see if I could see trends and such and see if any of my tricks work to gain more visitors through website manipulation. Looking through this list I find some very interesting things.

It turns out that I get visitors on some strange searches:

Why do people have goats? 3 searches
(My family had goats growing up and I am still wondering why other than they ate anything including Star thistle which is a crappy weed in northern CA. )

Naked Grandma’s 179 (I find this most disturbing… What is wrong with you perverts? It appears there are more deviants than I thought.)

Can you get AIDS from Oral Sex? 4 (I guess sex ed. didn’t teach everyone. I found over 40 questions about AIDS alone.)

Where to find a prostitute in Utah county? 1
(This one made me laugh out loud)

What dos the female penguin look like? 2
(A lot like the male)

Wichita Lineman song Sucks 2
(Take it easy on Glen Campbell I am a closet fan who is close to coming out when he buys tickets to his concert in Wendover.)

How to spell Oklahoma? 3
(Now the kids won’t ever learn to spell…)

Golden Rentals and Snowmobile rentals Utah Golden 498 with over 1000 searches regarding Snowmobile rentals.
(This one makes me so happy… I had a horrible snowmobile rental experience with this lousy company and I know now that message is getting through to their customers. Golden Rentals of Murray, Utah SUCKS)

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