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Monday, September 01, 2003

Should I be bitter or shouldn't I?

I work for a local company. Today is a national holiday but where am I? I am at work. Why you ask? The only way I get a paid holiday is to find a new job. Sundance doesn't believe in paid holidays. Human Resources told me, "It isn't fair to those employees who have to work. No other company does it". "um no not true airlines, other ski resort i worked for, retail stores all give them," I interject. "No they don't" replies the company line towing hr representative. My point is if there is a benefit that sundance can take away they will. After a year and half I got a whopping 5 days vacation and 5 sick days.

Ok the 5 sick days sound impressive but they aren't. Why aren't they you ask? Lets look at the policy for those. Sick days are not applicable to the first day missed. Sick days may only be used if a note from your doctor is brought in to HR. Ok when was the last time you missed more than one day. Maybe once a year. Now everytime I am sick I will miss and go to my doctor. Hell I might as well get the paid time off.

Other points to be bitter. USA employees average 16 paid days of vacation. Sundance 5. Sweden the leader in time off offers a mind numbing 32 days off anually. Another reason I am a disgruntled employee today. I still have not received my pay raise. My boss who is a great guy applied to give me a pay raise 2 months ago. So far not squat has been done. I still am making the same rate which if i compare it to the salary survey of my field leaves me under paid by a bare minimum of 20k per year. The amount of my raise $160 per month before taxes. What does that equal out to $40 a week. Well order the Mercedes E class with that bonus.

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