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Friday, August 22, 2003

Well it was time to do some bragging to those who need to know. My boss always has me toot our horns at the right times. It seems to have worked well for him so I am taking notes and continuing on.

For those who dont know I am the webmaster for Sundance Resort My job is to create build and promote Robert Redford's Sundance resort to the billions of people surfing the web. Well Lately it has been going very well. See stats below.

Our website ranking is drastically improving. I have included a screen shot of a search on google (46% of the searches we get are from google over 2 times the amount from the second place SE). Search Terms Utah Skiing.

We are shown at #3 and are the 1st Utah ski resort listed.

Google Search Utah Ski Resort

We are #2

Google Search Utah Mountain Biking

We are #7 however we are listed on several of the sites including a front page listing on the #2 & #3 sites.

Google Search: utah fine dining #1

Google Search: Utah Symphony #7

Google Search: Sundance #2 with links from the top 4 spots.

Google Search Utah Kids Camp #1 & 2

Google Search Utah Mountain Resort #3

Google Search Utah Ski Lodging #13

Six months ago we weren't listed for most of these keywords at all.

We also now have 2700 inbound links from the top 5 Search Engines. This is up from 1200 from last December.


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