Making a Mockery

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

So it has been a month or 2 since I have said anything. blog blog blog blog blog.

Well I went to CA with the wife we had a good time with the family even though it rained a ton while there.

Last week we went fourwheeling and we got stuck. We went up American Fork Canyon into an area known as Mary Ellen Gulch. It was beautiful. We drove to the top of the canyon until snow prevented us from going any further. We turned around and them boom. We slid into a deeeeeeeep crack that the melting snow had created. You can see the images here. I ended up calling on my good friend Vince to come pull us out. We had to hike almost a mile before we got good enough cell service. I called everyone I could think of to get us out . No one was home. I called 911 and they only suggested calling a towing service. Yeah right a tow of this magnitude would be at least a $1K. I said thanks but no thanks. I finally reached vince as night fall was coming. My cousin and I hiked around some of the mines while we waited for vince. It took him about 2 hours to get to us. We ended up hiking down the trail so he could find us. We hiked about 2.5 miles before he came along. What a relief!!!!

This last weekend we ended up going camping up in the Payson lakes region. It was fun. We went with Hanna's old roommates. they are always entertaining. This week hanna has a field trip to Fairview with school that ought to be exciting.

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