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Monday, June 30, 2008

Energy Independence Day....

I love the environmentalists that are what I term the end of worlders. End of the worlders are people that predict the destruction of the earth by man. First it was the never ending winter, now its global warming or even more recently climate change. It’s hard to take a lot of these people seriously. I mean when they say things like if we don’t stop producing x by 2010 the effects on the earth are irreversible. Um you are right sort of… I mean climate does change if it didn’t I would be living underneath a huge lake known as Lake Bonneville. If the climate hadn’t changed we wouldn’t have Yosemite or the heart of the environmental movement John Muir. Fact the earth’s climate has changes all along. The real question is this: are these changes man made? This is another post for another day when I have the energy to debate this.

The people that believe that man is changing the climate believe that if we stop using oil we will stop climate change. I am skeptical but.. Again that’s another post. So how do we stop our use of oil? Do technologies develop themselves over night? No!!! How long has it taken the United States to develop its oil based economic machine? It started in the later half of the 1800’s. Do we really think that changing our use of oil to another fuel is possible in 5 years? 10? 15? 25? Or will it take another century to change? The environmentalists seem to think they can fix this in a few short years? To do it they would need the might of the US Government. This frightens me. Government has its problems like the insatiable appetite for money, the poor management of management by committee and many more. If the environmentalists can change our oil economy to another; what is the cost economically? Most environmentalists lean towards the democrats’ policy views. The democrats have a view of taxing and wealth redistribution. They aren’t fans of business and development of technology through business innovations but through taxing and government oversight. The government is a poor inventor of technology and more often than not is an inhibitor of invention. The free market will solve any problem faster and more efficiently than any government.

This post was inspired by a clip from Newt Gingrich about how to solve the current cost of oil. It is something I have believed all along.

Step 1. Get the Speculators Out of the Equation
Step 2. Get Government intervention Out of the Equation
Step 3. Let business and technology advance to solve our Energy problems.

A man with a plan and a vision... Why can't more of our government leaders do this?

Interesting information about Our Oil Dilema

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Danes are the Happiest People in the World

WTF???? According to a English University Study. It turns out that Denmark has been #1 for 30 years. Danes are not outwardly happy. I think they are content not happy but the socialistic system has made them so that they don't feel success very often because everything is so even. Wondering where the USA ranked #23. Link

My favorite part was how shocked the Danes interviewed were and the reason they gave for their happiness. The reason being that Danes are so pessimistic that any success is great. They also seemed so typisk Dansker with their lig glad attitudes about working and becoming successful. Success is overrated.

The video made me want to make a return visit.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super Hero

I am plugging my cousins band... Super Hero. They are playing the Outer Rim this Saturday. The band is a ska reggae band. Its funny I found out about them because their lead singer works where I work. Odd?!?

Check out Super Hero


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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bo You Don’t Know Diddley

Yesterday I was sad to read about the passing of an icon of rock and roll. Bo Diddley passed away in his home in Florida yesterday at the age of 79.

Bo was one of the Godfathers of Rock and Roll. He created the sound of bluesy rock and roll. With his unique home made square cigar box guitar originally rigged with junkyard clockworks and car parts to create his unique distorted tremolo sound. Watch and listen to this video.

Sadly Diddley like many early rock and roll innovators was not compensated for his products.

"Elvis was not first; I was the first son of a gun out here, me and Chuck Berry. And I'm very sick of the lie," Mr. Diddley said in a 2005 interview with Rolling Stone magazine. "You know, we are over that black-and-white crap, and that was all the reason Elvis got the appreciation that he did. I'm the dude that he copied, and I'm not even mentioned. . . . I've been out here for 50 years, man, and I haven't ever seen a royalty check."

Its no wonder so many people covered his songs. Bo influenced Buddy Holly to sing “Not Fade Away.” Diddley was honored by The Rolling Stones when they covered “Not Fade Away.” George Thorogood paid tribute recording my favorite Diddley tune “Who Do You Love.” Bo appears in the video. I love his moves and how many have copied his sound and style.

Among the other artists to co-opt Mr. Diddley's famous rhythm are Johnny Otis (1958's "Willie and the Hand Jive"), the Strangeloves (1965's "I Want Candy"), the Who (1968's "Magic Bus"), the Stooges (1969's "1969"), Springsteen (1975's "She's the One"), and U2 (1988's "Desire"). –Boston Globe

My favorite was the Bo Knows Commercial from 1989

You will be missed Mr. Diddley.

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