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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Schoolhouse Rock!!!

Today as I was reading the news and I had a flashback to my youth… The article mentioned the Schoolhouse Rock that used to play educational commercials during cartoons to help educated the youngsters while the watched TV. 30 years later I still remember the songs and can sing along.

One of my favorites: How a Bill Becomes Law: I’m just a Bill yes I’m only a bill as I sit here and wait on the capital hill.

Or Learn English like Conjunction Jct

Or Interjections

Or Manifest Destiny and history


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Coach Takes on The Media

Yeah!!! I love it when the media who constantly fails to report the facts in an unbiased manner get their lunch handed to them....

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Like Moths to a Light...

A few weeks ago, I was wondering where the Utah entrepreneur Dell Schanze has gone after his public meltdown and media crucifixion. Dell and media spectacle are synonymous and Dell was over due for an appearance. In Utah Dell is a person who you either love or hate. There really is absolutely no middle ground. I will openly admit he used to bug the crap out of me with those annoying commercials etc however I thought he was a genius with the marketing of his company. I also must admit I never bought thing from him and you can blame some people I know that worked for Totally Awesome Computers. It had nothing to do with service, quality or price but just a bad taste in my mouth from them but that is a blog for another time. I once even heard him speak at BYU discussing his rise to success. I still believe he can sell. Anyway like manna from heaven KSL (my least favorite Utah Network) has a news teaser about Dell and his run in with a cruise boat on the Great Salt Lake. I would quote any other news organizations if anyone else thought that this was newsworthy or had merit.

I don’t remember the exact teaser other than the gist of it that was Super Dell again terrorizing people with this paraglider. I even watched KSL and missed the huge news event. Was it on CNN?

Anyway… Trying to find the act of terrorism on the web I found this site… SUPERDELL FOR GOVERNOR! Which I found as a funny article. Anyway I find a bunch of blog entries about Paragliding.Interesting… I have noticed a ton of hits from Google on Super Dell and Dell Schanze so I start doing some research and find this funny video from his blog in response to KSL or as he likes to call them the Terrorist Network KSL. Here is a YouTube Video that Made me Laugh.

Like SuperDell I have seen from first hand experience what KSL likes to do to Utah Company’s they have a beef with. I don’t think that they are an unbiased news organization. Some day when I change jobs I will blog this incident but since it involves my current employer I am bound not to expound. I hope Dell gives them a run for their money.

Link to SuperDell Dell Schanze’s Blog

I will give him a permanent link on the right side because I think its great entertainment.

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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker

Hillary Clinton Nutcracker
This made me laugh today. The Hillary Clinton Nutcracker. Its available for purchase at The site is just as funny as this novelty gift. I love the made up quotes mixed through out the page.
I hope this guy makes a fortune off this nutcracker because I think it is genius. Taking a volitile subject, turning it into a humorous product and marketing it by not taking anything too seriously.
They even have their own Youtube Video clip

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