Making a Mockery

Thursday, July 24, 2003

This blogging is tougher than it looks. For years i kept a journal writing down my thoughts hopes and dreams. After age 22 i have struggled to keep any type of personal history.

I guess I should rant a little. I believe that the environment is a place to share with all. I don't think that it should be a place where no one can go and access it because we are busy keeping everyone out of it to preserve it for the future generations. I believe in preservation and conservation but I don't believe it means that we need to restrict access to everything. Who am I to believe that I can destroy what God has made? The earth and its resources have been here long before I or any other man and it shall be here long after. I believe in supporting groups like USA All Access or The Blue Ribbon Coalition. Fanatical extremests like the Sierra Club and Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance should be more concerned with the environment and less with being anti recreationalists. When was the last time you saw a SUWA supporter in the wilderness and not protesting. The answer is Never!!! I am in the wilds of the west almost every weekend. I don't see the crazy environmentalists out there enjoying nature and making it a better place. No instead I see them fighting to keep it closed to all those who share the wilderness with me every weekend. The mountain bikers, motorcyclists, atv riders, jeepers and off road users are out every weekend enjoying what their tax money provides. Just read boards like Jeeps Unlimited or or Rockymountain Extreme. These groups use the federal and state lands that are already protected from development. These lands don't need special designation. They are ALREADY PROTECTED. What about the future of Utah Schools? We don't have the luxury of a Lottery to fund our schools, we don't have a huge tax base, we have federal lands that are there to provide for the future of America, Utah School children. When the radicals take our lands away our children lose valuable assets that provide for the education of our children.

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