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Friday, March 26, 2004

Last weekend I went snowmobiling with some good friends. We had fun. I am sad to report that the place we rented our snowmobiles from wasn't that good. To be quite honest they sucked.


Golden Rentals
4340 S 300 W # E, Murray, UT 84107 Phone: (801) 263-2301

This guy rented us 2 snowmobiles that were 10 years old at least. They were poorly maintained and didn't run very well. We paid top dollar to rent snow machines and have a fun weekend. We ended up spending much of our time digging out the machines that didn't have enough power to go up the slightest of hills. One of them kept eating belts. The man who rented us them didn't care. I am adding this post to warn others in the Salt Lake City Utah area not to rent from Golden Rentals.

We did have some moments of fun. Check out the pics.

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Monday, March 01, 2004

My letter is in response to Iraq casualties not hitting home with Bush by James D. Smith, Pleasant Grove

Is the freedom of 22,000,000 people worth the price? Everyday for decades Sadam Hussein has been creating a 911 like tragedy for millions in Iraq. Evidence is overwhelming to the facts that Hussein throughout his regime routinely killed and tortured thousands of innocent people with out due process, without evidence, without regard.

“Women and men were reportedly beheaded in the last two years for alleged prostitution and procuring prostitutes, usually without formal trial and sometimes for political reasons.” -Amnesty International Iraq Report

Are we above Iraqi citizens because we were born in America? We were born Free. Our forefathers who were willing to give up everything to have freedom gave us certain unalienable rights. Should we not share these rights with others? If we as a nation have the power to free a people who live in the bondage of oppression are we not duty bound to loosen the chains of such bondage? Do we not have a duty to help those who cannot help themselves? I think we do.

President Bush had the courage to stand up for what he believes is right unlike some of his recent predecessors. Bush thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Who didn’t think they had them? The president took a chance politically and went after an evil dictator. War is sometimes a necessary evil to protect and or gain freedom. I do not think that the President made these decisions lightly. I believe he did it after much thought and prayer. He knew the possible costs in American lives and he knew the risk in political terms. I believe he did what he believed was right. Bush was tired of us sitting on the sidelines of the fight for freedom. He believes as I do that we can have a tremendous impact on the freedoms of others.

The Freedom that we enjoy has come at a great cost to many Americans. Generations of Americans have sacrificed all for the freedoms you and I enjoy. The freedom for you to criticize the President is one. Another one of the freedoms is military service that is optional. Most countries around the world have mandatory military service. Our soldiers join of their own free will and choice. All members of our military are very aware of the possibilities of war and death. I believe men and women join because they believe in freedom. These men and woman value freedom and know right from wrong. Anyone who is willing to defend our country or to defend those who cannot defend themselves deserve our up most respect and complete support.

Everything has a cost. Lets put the price of freedom into perspective.
Current Iraq War 425 *.
Revolutionary war 4,435 combat deaths only
War of 1812 2,260 combat deaths only
The rest include combat and other military related
Mexican War 13,000
Civil War: both sides: 498,333
WWI: 116,515
WWII 405,399.
Korea: 54,246
Vietnam 90,198
Gulf War 1,297
These stats are from the Veteran’s Affairs Website.
*According to

Are 425 lives worth giving for Iraqi freedoms similar to what you enjoy? I don’t want to lessen the loss of any family by saying its only 425. It is just not that simple. All deaths in war are tragic and many feel the loss. It tears me up to see the pain and suffering of others but I am always lifted by what the family and friends say about the loss. They seem to all say, they died doing what they loved and were honored to bring freedom to those who don’t have it. They willing went to do their duty to fight for freedom.

Any person who serves their country for even just one minute is worthy of praise. To give their lives willingly in the fight for freedom makes them heroes. Thanks and support is all I have to give and it is not enough for the gift these great people have given me. Support our troops and support the fight for freedom.

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