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Friday, March 31, 2006

Illegal Immigration Fixes.

esterday on my way to work I ran in to a very large group of Mexican Protestors and I quickly became quite angry about what I saw. First off these people were blocking traffic and beating on cars and acting like complete idiots. And what really pushed me over the edge was the fact that there were literally hundreds of Mexican Flags being waved and carried and the only American flag was being ripped up and stomped on. If you want to be an American great but don’t be a traitor have some respect for your new nation and its people or else get out. I have created my own program for dealing with Illegals.

Here is a simple 10-step program.

1. Remove Free Medical Care Via Emergency Rooms
2. Remove the Free Education
3. Go After Businesses who employ Illegal Immigrants (actually enforce the law)
4. Deny children born in the US to Illegal Immigrants Citizenship.
5. Adjust the number of temporary work permits based upon the needs of Business. Make the workers apply in their home country unless already working on a work permit.
6. Stop catering to Spanish Speakers. English Only.
7. Don't Allow Illegal Immigrants Drivers Licenses
8. Don't Allow Illegal Immigrants to purchase homes or businesses.
9. Don't Deport Illegal Immigrant Criminals incarcerate them so they don't come back and reoffend.
10. Invade Mexico and create the 51st state.
11. And tell Vincente Fox Shut the HELL Up we don't want to hear his whinning. If you were even a half-assed president we wouldn’t have this problem.

This may all sound cold and harsh but the truth of the matter is if we take away the incentive to come we won’t need to build up walls or fences. US Citizenship didn’t used to be easy. We didn’t used to have an illegal immigration problem until we started handing out these services.

I believe that immigrants are what made this country great but these people were legal immigrants. I don’t believe just because you made it inside our borders that you deserve automatic citizenship after all you broke the law.

And another thing stop whining about being treated as criminals as illegal immigrants because you are criminals, you broke the law. It’s a lot like whining about not getting to keep the money after committing a bank robbery.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And the Dell Schanze Melt Down Continues

I guess this might be Dell Schanze’s rebuttal but who knows…it might just be a forgery. What I do know is that I once saw Dell give an incredible marketing lecture at BYU that helped me later when I created the Sundance Resort website. I thought that he was a marketing guru unfortunately somewhere along the line pride got the best of Dell and that is a sad thing.

Dell if you really do want to post your version of the events I will gladly allow you to post them unedited so that the truth may be known.

Dells Response to Link

I bet you will all claim it is Jesus's fault for getting himself killed too huh?! It is really sad to see that Satan has so completely clouded your vision that even plain simple logic is tossed to the wind. How can someone like Jesus get crucified? Well all it takes is a Satan worshiping media that makes those that are easily tempted by Satan to believe he isn't really good but every good thing he does is actually horribly bad. Then presto you end up with people like you that will attack in hatred out of complete ignorance of the truth. If you actually read your scriptures you can see plainly over and over again how Satan turns good to evil and evil to good and people like you fall for it again and again. What happens next? Well Jesus is still Jesus and those those that fell prey to Satan so easily are cast in the fire and burned. It is one thing for the evil media to turn truth into lies, it is another thing for you to believe it. I still love all of you though and hope for your sakes that you can one day soon have your eyes opened before it is too late. I did what was right knowing full well what the outcome would be. That's the nice thing about the scriptures, evil people just keep doing the same thing over and over again and anyone that reads about it on a regular basis can see it coming miles away. I even know exactly what your responce to this post will be. It is all in the scriptures pretty much word for word. I would also exhort you to be careful of your posts, becasue just like the media you will also have to take responsibility for the hatred and contention you create. To those that are not consumed with hatred with their very concence deluded by Satan I might mention that it isn't the God of money I want to please, those that say I failed are not paying attention to the success I'm after. I believe my mission was fully accomplished successfully, I did what was right, stood up for what I believe in, spoke the truth disreguarding Satans temptations to be politically correct and followed God to the best of my abilities in all things. If you listen to Satan tell the story obviously the truth will be far from the moral of the story portrayed.SUPERDELL

First off Jesus and Dell Schanze how are those related? Maybe Satan clouded my vision or maybe not but what I did was post my opinions on how I think you have had a melt down. This post just further shows that you may be mentally unbalanced.

The truth is I didn’t have one thing to do with the collapse of your business other than I only purchased one item from your store. Your staff was so poor and made such a blunder with my visit to one of your stores that I never ever wanted to return.

Dell any PR person would tell you that being defiant and flippant with the media is a death sentence. I saw clip after clip on the TV showing you running your mouth off like an idiot. You should have just been polite and stated that you have no comment or that you would comment later. You didn’t do that instead you start attacking the judge and court for being biased. The next time you were quiet and acted well with the media and then the next story you were out protesting the courts legitimacy. The media may in deed be Satan, I will definitely give you that but they were just merely showing you in an unflattering way. You did nothing to counter act their reporting. No PR, no commercials, no ads nothing. You did nothing to clear your name. John Q Public didn’t see your face on TV and just thought that you were losing it and they took their business elsewhere. Are you really going to buy a computer from a business that seems to be dying? Instead you lose your business and then you parade in front of the media about how they are all “agents of Satan”. You played right into the media’s hand.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Google Adsense Crooks or Not

So I guess Google Thinks I am Just Running Around Telling People to Click on My Ads... because I got this email. I think they are just pissed because after over a year I am finally eligible for a commission check. I have had almost 8000 unique visitors in that period. In the same period I have earned over $500 from Amazon.

Just for the record... I have no click scams, bots, or other means of delivering bogus clicks. I have played entirely by the rules. It just frustrates me that suddenly they think I have been cheating around the time that my first commission check is due.

Hello Eran Bair,

It has come to our attention that invalid clicks have been generated on the Google ads on your site(s).

As a reminder, any method of generating invalid clicks is strictly prohibited. Invalid clicks include but are not limited to any clicks that are generated through the use of robots, automated clicking tools, manual clicks by a publisher on the publisher's own web pages, or a publisher encouraging others to click on his ads.

If you are clicking on the ads on your web pages for testing purposes, please note that clicking on your own ads or encouraging others to doso for any reason is prohibited, due to the potential for inflation ofadvertiser costs. Please be assured that there is no need to test theads on your site, as our specialists review all of our ads to ensurethat they meet Google's advertising standards.

If you would like to visit the destination of an ad to view its contentor to add it to your filter list, you can use the AdSense Preview Tool,

available here:

The Google AdSense preview tool is an addition to the right-click menufor Windows Internet Explorer 6.x, allowing you to preview the ads thatmay show on any web page. Clicks and impressions from the preview toolare not applied to the advertiser's account. You can click through tothe target site without worrying about invalid clicks being generatedon your account, and without costing the advertiser for your testclicks. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this email. We will be happy to help in any way we can.


The Google Team

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

What to Do with My Music?

I have been an active digital music user since 1997. I have collected literally thousands of music files through the years. During this time I have experienced some good things and some bad things.

One of the good things I experienced was the original Napster. It allowed me to search for music and download it from other users in a free format. We all know the perils of such an “evil” endeavor. Low cost music is almost as evil as mass murder. I must admit that I bought far more CD’s back then than I do now. Napster allowed me to test drive new music without the fear of being stuck with a bad CD. How many one good song CD’s do you own? I own several hundred. I tried to be responsible netizen and purchase CD’s of the music I really liked. I understand that nobody works for free. Another feature that I loved was the ability to listen to rare music, live music and bootlegs. Some of my favorite mp3’s are cover songs from other artists or different versions than the standard radio format. I have several really cool arrangements from the Howard Stern Show like live acoustic music from Foo Fighters, or AC/DC doing hit songs in a very simple acoustic guitar arrangement. I also have bootlegs from Dylan or the Barenaked Ladies doing cover songs from their live shows. These are songs that never ever get released but are cool to listen to.

The bad part of digital music is the inevitable hardware failure. I have several hard drives that I can no longer boot but I am hoping to find a method in which to recover my covers, bootlegs and other unique recordings. Recently I slipped on some ice and cracked my ipod screen while it still plays it got me thinking about what I would lose if it broke. I have tried to keep it backed up on different computers but as my collection grows it gets harder to keep track of it. Music purchased online needs to be authorized every time you move it. It is a royal pain in the butt. It took me months to digitize thousands of the CD’s I own. It makes me revert to burning CD’s and DVD’s of music so that I don’t again lose thousands of songs.

The other bad part is Digital Rights Management. Content owners are increasingly becoming more aggressive with their products. We all saw the backlash to Sony Music’s Spyware. I Tunes makes you reauthorize your music purchases which can be a time killer. I find it funny that coders spend time to find new ways to protect and crackers find methods to undo the security at an even faster rate. Does this mean that I am buying the content or merely leasing or renting it? Recently Mark Cuban gave the advice to crack all the copy-protected content you own and make backup copies incase of failures. This is an interesting perspective coming from a content owner and producer. His point was that the formats will change back and forth and ownership will have more complications than current systems as the owners try to protect their digital content. It seems like we are renters vs owners of media in the digital age.

I think that soon we will see companies offering disk space much like we see web space offered. Digital files will be stored and backed up at large data warehouses. End users will simply pay a monthly fee for storage much like we see today in the web host environment.Instead of a MyDocuments Folder on your local drive it will be a web space that you log into and access your photos, documents, files, videos and music.

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What could we do with an endless supply of Legos?

Build an Aircraft Carrier that weighs almost 300 pounds
A Volvo XC90 – Click the photos for larger images.
An Air Conditioner
Homer Simpson
A Globe
The Beatles
A Piano
A Stegosaurus
Queen Amidala
A Lamborghini Diablo

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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Unflushable Turd: The Terrell Owens' Story

Terrell “Benched” Owens is writing a book entitled “Ineligible Receiver: The Real Story of My Journey from the Super Bowl to the Sidelines.” It is set to release in July. Too bad this piece of trash is going to make money on this… Maybe I should sue T.O. for leaving a strong foul taste in my mouth.

“Finally, the real T.O. story can be told,” Simon & Schuster executive David Rosenthal said. “It’s an important chapter in the long-term struggle for players’ rights in the NFL.” According to the AP

I mean after Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks its Terrell Owens in the struggle for rights. I guess being an over paid over hyped lazy bastard makes one think he has been enslaved. Did you not make $3 million for sitting at home? That’s 582,524.27 hours of minimum wage work for 4 months of sitting at home. That is the equivalent of 5 men working for 50 years at minimum wage and now you think you can write a book on your slavery?

This is just a sad story of a gifted athlete who has done nothing with his 15 minutes of fame... No leadership, no roll model, no charity just another selfish big mouth.

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Darwinism Making Conservatives the More Prevalent

Tired of those bleeding heart liberals blathering on about the war in Iraq well just wait a few generations and they will breed themselves out of existence. It turns out that liberal people don’t have as many offspring as conservatives and are reproducing at a much slower rate. While I am no ultra liberal neither am I an ultra conservative and believe that both should exist just to keep each other in check. Too much of either is bad.

Today, fertility correlates strongly with a wide range of political, cultural and religious attitudes. In the USA, for example, 47% of people who attend church weekly say their ideal family size is three or more children. By contrast, 27% of those who seldom attend church want that many kids.

In Utah, where more than two-thirds of residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 92 children are born each year for every 1,000 women, the highest fertility rate in the nation. By contrast Vermont — the first to embrace gay unions — has the nation's lowest rate, producing 51 children per 1,000 women. Read More

Not sure if you are a liberal or conservative? Here is a very interesting survey. Results were very interesting.

In all honesty I don’t really care what you believe. But unless you have earned your convictions through careful study and thoughtful analyses or even personal experience I don't really think your thoughts should really count especially if you get your opinions from the only one new source, mtv or some other mind controlling device. Just please spare me your “unique views”…as I suspect you probably are a sheep wandering towards a good dinner plate.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Touché: Thanks Kent for the Laugh

Website analytics is a funny thing. I often play with my website just to see what I can do with a search engine. After all search engines are a big part of creating a successful website. We have seen my Google bombing experiment with Marilyn. Over the past few months, I have noticed that the search engine phrase that sends me the most traffic is marilyn t. welles loves eransworld. It turns out not to be Marilyn... what a relief. It is a great response to my Google Bomb. Thank you for taking the time. It made me laugh.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

What Cost Utahan’s $1,166,666.67 Per Letter?

Utah’s new slogan: “Life Elevated”.

Are you kidding me? We spent $14 million bucks to hire W Communications to revamp Utah’s Travel and Tourism slogan and this is what we get. Hell, I can think of a better slogan how about "Cash Evaporated" or "Money Alleviated"!

Who thinks this crap up? Where do I get this job? It seems every Governor gets to pick a logo. Governor Huntsman had "Seek Higher Ground" but that was too close to Colorado's, and which had replaced former Gov. Mike Leavitt's "Utah! Where Ideas Connect," which had replaced former Gov. Norm Bangerter's "Utah, a Pretty, Great State”.

I think maybe Utah should follow the Australian tourism slogan bandwagon. Australia is boosting its advertising dollars by being controversial and getting world-wide free press, radio and TV advertising and Bloody hell: Australia swears by new ad campaign. The Australian commercial in Britain is being edited to include a beep where they say bloody. So why doesn’t Utah do something viral like “Utah Damn Hot “. And focus on Utah's Hot Skiing, Hot Outdoor Life, Hot Business Community, Hot Film Festival, and Hot Nightlife (ok maybe not that one). Oh yeah, I know why Utahan’s are too busy trying to outlaw the immoral.

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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well its official… I am no Billionaire

Today Forbes released its annual list of the truly wealthy and again I didn’t make the list of Billionaires… World gets 102 more billionaires in new rich list, Forbes annual ranking of richest people. According to Forbes there were just 140 billionaires in 1986 and now there are 793. The good news is combined; they’re worth a $2.6 trillion, up 18% since last March. Damn my pay raise was only 4%. Lucky for me Exxon/Mobile, Questar Gas and soon Utah Power will have nipped that away to a mere zero. The other fact I enjoyed were the new additions from my favorite outsourcing nations…China, India and Russia.

In more troubling news, the new Ferrari Experience Driving School will only accept $8,200 from current Ferrari owners and will not allow non-owners to register and attend the school. So is that $8200 Canadian? The good news is Partners or guests can attend for approximately $800. What a steal? The Ferrari Experience is starting a new school outside of Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. The three day school of racing and pampering will begin in May and run through October and will feature the new Ferrari 430.

The good news for the poor is a new board game which will ease the. So Sue Me! is the exciting new board game where you can have hours of fun suing your friends and taking their stuff. I can’t make this crap up. I am speechless!!!

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Greed Goes On…

Utah Power is now getting into the act of reaping record profits… Utah power is asking for its biggest rate increase ever. As if the sting of higher heating and gasoline prices isn't bad enough, electricity bills are likely on the rise in Utah. On Tuesday, Utah Power, the state's dominant power provider, is asking the Utah Public Service Commission for a $197 million rate hike to cover substantial investments it made in power generation and distribution systems in its six-state service area to meet growing demand -- especially over the peak summer period. Utah Power is asking for 17% increase to go with its 6.9% increase last April and the 4.4% increase last March for a grand total of 20% since May of 2000. Utah Power states that it will only be a $10 per month increase. Oh if that’s all the increase is going to be then lets do it. I am sure my employer will gladly give me a heft raise to pay for all these new costs of simply living. NOT!!! Utah’s inflation rate has averaged 2.3% since 2000 so an increase of 11.5% might be justified but not 20%. Source: Utah Governor

So why does Utah Power suddenly feel so greedy? I don’t know maybe it’s the examples set by Exxon/Mobile, Questar and others. Or maybe its because they think we need to pay for the new customers service… Utah Power argues that in recent years it has had to provide service annually to an additional 14,000 to 18,000 new customers. So just let me understand this… You need to jack up prices because business is going so well that your business is growing too quickly? Your revenue stream is increasing but the profit margins aren’t there? It sounds like poor business management. Could this be because Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway will have completed their purchase of Utah Power by the end of the month? Maybe the Oracle of Omaha is making Utah Power seem like the bad guy by being the bastards that bleed more money out of Utah.

Utah Public Service Commission sucks and needs to be replaced by consumers and not corporate puppets.

Pat Bagely's Cartoon Sums it up nicely.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Domain Names For Sale

I have decided to part with two domain names from my collection.


More Info

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Dell Schanze or Super Dell Has A Melt Down

On Friday, Totally Awesome Computers shut its doors. And Super Dell melts down in front of the media.

"This is thanks to all of you," Schanze told reporters gathered outside the Jordan Commons Megaplex. "All the media in Utah are liars and murderers . . . . I would not want to be in your shoes having caused this. You are agents of Satan and you need to repent." Salt Lake Tribune

Schanze is awaiting trial May 10 on charges he sped through a Draper neighborhood and pulled a 10mm handgun after being confronted by several angry residents. Schanze, who says he was defending himself and his 8-year-old daughter against "a gang of vigilantes," is charged with brandishing a weapon, reckless driving and lying to police. He recently lost a lawsuit for discrimination and has openly admitted that he is involved in an IRS audit.

Super Dell has always been a brash love him or hate Utah original. If you have seen Dell lately in the media he has become quite the over the top nutcase in front of reporters. This last tirade was hilarious. I wish that there were video clips to go with this post. Every time I have seen him in the media in the last six months he seems like he might be on drugs. Weird.

He blames the media that made him a star and entrepreneur success for his downfall. Actually Super dork it was you yourself blaming everyone but yourself for your silly actions. This is PR 101. When a scandal breaks and you are involved apologize and be repentant. Has he not seen the melt down of hundreds of successful people.

The Deseret News was full of advice for Super Dell.

Schanze caused own downfall

Dell Schanze's recent attack on the local news media, going so far as to call them "liars and murderers" and "angels of Satan," is just more of the same ludicrous hyperbole and self-promotion we have come to expect from this 24-karat ignoramus. For Schanze to attack the media for spotlighting him is the ultimate reduction to absurdity. Through this entire affair, Schanze has courted media attention as zealously as a love-starved hero courts the girl of his dreams. Schanze's real bitterness lies in his own inability to manipulate the media to his advantage. He opened Pandora's box but didn't like what he got.

Schanze sold great computers. That much is true. But his downfall is his own grating personality. Schanze slit his own throat by annoying the Dell out of everyone.

Paul Gibbs
Kudos on a great letter and “24-karat ignoramus” I will have to use this one later…. Sorry his computers suck…

Super Dell needs to grow up

Dell Schanze needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. This man has never met a camera or a news reporter he didn't like. It is not the media's fault his business failed. It is not the media's fault he drove 80 miles an hour through a residential neighborhood. He is a prime example of the "it's everybody else's fault but mine" train of thought. I feel sorry for the ex-employees of his company.

Dennis England
Salt Lake City

Totally Awesome Computers Its more a letter of what happened.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Enzo Update: The Plot Thickens in Ferrari Crash

LA COUNTY Sheriff's Sgt. Phil Brooks said Monday, the car was traveling 162 mph when it crashed, far faster than the 120 mph originally believed.


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pie in the Sky…

Our Utah legislators have once again blundered and failed its constituents.

Charge the Poor to go to the Ghetto in Welfare Valley City
They passed the stupid Toll Road Partnership that allows toll roads to be built using public lands but funded by private business. LAME… I would like to thank Sheldon “Lagoon” Killpack for this gem. Listen up genius, I mean Sheldon…most people will not use toll roads when free roads are available. Building a toll road on the west side when the majority of the population is on the east side just doesn’t make any sense especially when the Utah state government has over $1 billion in excess revenue this year with another 20% increase for next year predicted. The road needs to be built to match growth on the west side. I love how they want the Utah ghetto to pay for the new road. LAME… Oust Sheldon Killpack in 2006!

Not So Real Salt Lake
Another boneheaded move was to keep a hotel tax in place to fund Real Salt Lake. For those not in the know Real Salt Lake is a Utah’s pro soccer team. I bet that in 3 years they will be gone and we will have an empty stadium that we are funding with this tax. Oh yeah the tax payers are plunking down around $34 million dollars and letting them escape another $7 million dollars more in taxes. Did I mention that the owner is a billionaire and he is allowing the public who may or may not ever see a game plunk down $41 million for his private business? Hey Dave Checketts kiss my butt and pay for your own business. And ps Real is a ghey name for a team why not call them the Salt Lake Fayes. Who wants to pay $25 a ticket for a team that sucks… Sorry Utah Jazz you suck too. LAME…

God Giveth, Utah Taketh Away.
Utah has not eliminated smoking in private clubs. I hate smoking and believe it is bad for your health. I don’t however believe that government should stick their nose in private business and force them not to smoke. These are adults making adult choices. LAME

Tax Lowering BAD
Lowering the food tax by 2%…whoopty doo… you told me it would be totally removed. This is a regressive tax and blah blah blah… It is the only fair tax we have. Everyone eats and everyone pays the same amount of tax on his or her food. This is of course feel good legislation. The downside is we are unsure which middle class tax will now rise. How about you keep my money and invest it in transportation and education like all of the polls have suggested? LAME…

And when the tax payer comes to the door the house looks like a rumage sale...
With the food tax there was some sort of tax reform or at least a lowering of taxes for the most wealthy. They tried to pass it off as a flat tax but you still have deductions. Odd that’s not a flat tax? LAME

Ethics we don't need no stinking Ethics
My personal favorite dumb move. Six different bills regarding ethics in congress failed to pass. These bills simply wanted government officials to report all gifts in excess of $5.

Claire Geddes, longtime citizen activist, said more than a decade of lobbying for a variety of ethical reforms has taught her that the Legislature is resistant to change. "Money does buy access, and that buys influence," Geddes said. "When we've asked for gift bans or ethics laws, that's when I've taken the worst heat — you go in with shield and armor if you ask them to give up gifts. They don't get it — they think gifts are part of serving."

“Historically, legislators have a hard time understanding the problems with these issues — conflict of interest, campaign finance, lobbyist influence. They don't distinguish those systemic problems from what they see as an attack on their character.” Tony Musci, chairman of Utah Common Cause, a government watch-dog group.

I couldn’t find the quote online but the other night one of our beloved and honest senators spoke saying that the perks lobbyists give make up for the time away from their family. I guess the thought of unbiased community service is above their moral conduct. LAME…

Some of my other favorite bills that didn’t make it
Senator Chris “bigots for utah” Buttars two bills on evolution disclaimers in schools and the prevention of “perverted sex clubs” aka the Provo High School Gay, Lesbian and Transgender club from using Provo High School as a meeting place. My feeling is while I don’t support their lifestyle I don’t believe it is my right to prevent them from gathering. It should be up to the community and the school board who administers over the school’s decision not the state. So does anyone else think Chris Buttars won’t be in government next year? Judging by some of his comments on tv, on the radio and in print you might think Chris Buttars is the leader of the KKK.

Other than the two Buttars’ bills, Utah legislatures went against the popular vote. I sure hope there will be some change come November.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Sky is Falling... The Sky is Falling.

Utah gets low mark for birth control. Not surprising with a high concentration of Mormons and illegal aliens who seem to be mostly Catholic.

“The Guttmacher Institute, a nonprofit organization focused on sexual and reproductive health research, has ranked the states and Washington, D.C., on contraceptive efforts. It found that Utah was near the bottom of the list, at 47.” Salt Lake Tribune

The federal government has set a goal to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies by 40 percent by 2010. The Guttmacher Institute assessed the states on their success in helping women obtain contraception and correctly use it. Its report scored states on the availability of clinics that provide contraception, laws and policies, and public funding. So we rank 47th due to silly things like school sponsored sex ed and the fact that Utah only teaches abstinence, and the fact that Planned Parenthood has propagated like rabbits in Utah.

What makes this all so amusing is the fact that Utah ranks 6th for the lowest teen birthrate with an 18% drop over the last ten years. So what this whole report says is well you suck at providing birth control even though unwanted births have decreased steadily and we are way above average.

The Stats Contraception In Utah
Among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Utah Ranked:
44th in service availability
48th in laws and policies
34 in public funding
47th overall

Pregnancy Outcomes
60,670 of the 530,530 women of childbearing age in Utah become pregnant each year.

Of These
78% Result in live birth
6% Result in abortion
16% End in miscarriage

Utah has 5,660 teenage pregnancies each year, the sixth lowest rate of any state

Of These
73% Result in live birth
11% Result in abortion
16% End in miscarriage

Stats are from Amy Lewis Salt Lake Tribune
My point is if we are getting way above average positive results this whole study is a non-issue and certainly not front page worthy. In today’s society if your kid doesn’t understand how they get pregnant then they are more ignorant than I can imagine

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