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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mudville 9 How to ruin Little League by Major League Baseball

It appears that Major League Baseball has lost their minds. The steriod scandal has pushed them over the edge. MLB is now forcing Little Leagues to remove any MLB team names from their jerseys. What the hell?

Do we really think that Little Leagues are stealing millions of dollars in revenue from baseball? Even if they are can't we just give it to them as a baseball charity? Do you really think that the value of the teams are being diluted by this useage? Like this is the biggest problem with baseball.

What about steriods and the fact that baseball has failed to really take a stand. Make a stand on this? Can't we just say ok we made some mistakes and there was juicing in baseball but due to the fact that technically it wasn't in the rules we allow it to stand with a large asterisk just like the dead ball era of baseball. Does MLB really think this whole Roger Clemens thing is good for baseball. Or what about Pete Rose? Growing up Pete Rose was the bad-ass. He was da-man. Shoeless Joe didn't get this kind of treatment. Or what about an owner Bud Selig . The Milwalkee Brewers owner is also the commissioner of baseball? Isn't that a conflict of interest Bud? I think Bud is also approaching Bowie Kuhn status as a jerk. What about the fact that baseball has no salary cap making it almost impossible for most markets to have a winning team IE: The Pittsburg Pirates a team I have been a closet fan of for over 30 years. A team whose total team salary is less than 25% of the Yankees. Go Rays!!! kicking ass with no money... I love the underdog.

My other favorite part of this is how the media hasn't jumped on baseball for ruining the kids game. Major League Baseball has become the Grinch....

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ever Wonder Where Rich People Vacation?

I did until recently I built a website for a wealthy client who is renting out his luxury pads in exotic locals.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barack Obama's America

Recently I was forwarded a YouTube video of Barack Obama saying he had been to 57 states with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii. WTF 57 states? Is this his other America?

I was confused so I researched the subject….Google. I typed in “how many states are in the United States of America”?. I received the following:

Obama has been to 57 states

Yep still only 50 states… So what is he talking about? This man is supposed in touch with me? I went to his website. Obama has a section entitled people. Not one spot says anything about Scandinavian Americans/Northern European Americans? He didn’t even use the W word to describe my ethnic heritage but yet he wants my vote…

Obama has been to 57 states

Here are some things I found that I disagree with:

Strict Gun Control.
How about my belief in strict criminal control?

Healthcare for all
“Lower cost by Modernizing the US health care system”
Earth to Barack we have one of the most modern/technologically advanced medical system in the world. Socialized medicine doesn’t bring revolutionary treatment but long waits for simple procedures as well as no incentives for doctors to advance.

I don’t believe we should negotiate with Iran. He does.

I don’t believe that education should be offered to all with out strings attached. Things should be earned to be appreciated. Education should be earned by and not necessarily given to the poor. Not to say that it should be tough but there should be a process to earn it. I don’t believe that failure to maximize one’s opportunities necessitates government to give more money to the poor. Democrats seem to think that only non-whites should benefit from government sponsored education. I disagree but think it should be offered to all but that there should be some barriers so that it earned and appreciated.

Economy is the only place I found some agreement on his goals not necessarily his method for attaining these goals. Things like providing the middle class with tax relief, protecting homeownership and cracking down on mortgage fraud and predatory credit companies. Unfortunately I don’t believe that either party believes in lowering taxes or smaller less intrusive government.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Pursuit of Happiness

Lately I have become fired up about politics. It all started when I started to tell people that I wanted to buy a gun for protection. The nuts started falling out of the trees. Anti-gun people started to shame me for my basic right to personal protection even though it’s already a constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. The second amendment is the only amendment that also includes 3000 federal laws about how you may or may not exercise your 2nd Amendment.

Warning: This Penn & Teller clips have some strong language but present interesting and very valid points regarding our 1st and 2nd amendments.

I started thinking about other places that my guaranteed rights were being misconstrued or possibly even violated. I started thinking about how the role of government had become too encompassing, too convoluted and too intrusive. Every time a law is passed a freedom is removed. Think about it.

The Constitution of the United States didn’t include a guarantee of happiness only life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Happiness cannot be legislated into being and especially not for the huddled masses. However politicians continue to try and legislate everyone into Utopia. I have got bad news… The world is cruel. We cannot protect every single person in the world.

I believe in less government, less regulation, lower taxes and policies that allow for business to flourish in a competitive market. I used to be labeled a Republican Conservative but now it appears I may no longer be a Republican and certainly not a Democrat.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What is Wrong with Sheldon Killpack?

In America there are really four branches of government but the apathetic American people think that there are only three, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. The fourth part of the system is The People. If government isn’t representing you and your views properly they should be fired. Vote the bastards out of office. However The People have become disenfranchised with the system so they do nothing. They don’t vote, Nor do they voice their opinions. The coming of the internet has mad voicing one’s opinion easier than ever. Grassroots now has a platform in which to fight the good fight against politicians who have lost there way. Another blogger favorite of mine has described this eloquently here. I think Sheldon Killpack has lost his way. Sheldon Killpack is a local politician in Utah’s Senate. He is also the assistant majority whip. I believe Sheldon Killpack should be fired. Killpack should not be reelected.

Sheldon Killpack

Killpack believes that everyone should pay higher taxes especially for transportation. He believes in higher gas taxes based on the price of gas instead of a flat per gallon tax. He wants toll lanes and toll roads built and owned by private companies on public lands. He also wants “congestion pricing”. I have blogged about Sheldon Killpack before on his socialist beliefs. See Oh Give It To Me Sheldon. See Gas-tax hike, tolls during rush hour may be in future.

Our Government has an insatiable thirst for money. Killpack is part of this problem. In the Salt Lake Tribune article he states his belief in higher taxes. His justification is that in the last 17 years the population of Utah increased 47%. However during the same period Utah’s state budget has gone from slightly less than 4 billion dollars to almost 9 billion. My question is how did that increase budget not include roads? As the population increases so does the amount of fuel sold so where did that tax money go?

Our politician’s especially Sheldon Killpack seems to not understand some simple economics. The economic principle is when business increases tax revenues increase. The opposite is also true as business slows tax revenues decrease. Currently business is off due to a failure to regulate some basic principles like let Darwinism take care of business. Do not step in and bail out companies who failed to take care of their own interests IE: Banks and Airlines. Let some die to strengthen the herd. My point here is this… Business is struggling for a variety of reasons but one important one is the price of fuel. As the price of fuel has increased so has the price of goods and services. As price rises consumption of non-essential items goes down. This is Econ101.

In addition to Sheldon Killpack’s belief that everyone should pay more taxes because the government failed to manage its money properly, he also believes that people have the ability to choose when they can travel. Killpack thinks that there should be a penalty for rush hour driving. I know very few people who can control the times they go to and from work. So the average Joe Employee will now get an extra tax because his job requires him to be at work during peak traffic periods. What a bunch of crap? The middle class is already getting raped by everyone especially the Government. Average Joe cannot ask for a raise to pay for higher gas prices and a commuter tax.

This legislative season also had Killpack sponsoring a bill to increase the amount of car insurance coverage everyone must carry by law. This would raise our car insurance rates.
See Darwin? No, Sheldon.

Leaders like Sheldon Killpack are leading us down the primrose path of destruction. They are ruining business and losing jobs overseas because they believe in something for nothing. We need more taxes to pay for x. We need to regulate businesses more. We need more laws. More taxes cost businesses more money to do business and in today’s global market it is easier to take your business overseas and not have to deal with excessive taxes, too restrictive environmental laws, and too restrictive employee laws and just plain litigation. There are places in the world that have much fewer laws regarding the hows and whys of business. It makes America uncompetitive. As long as there are politicians like Sheldon Killpack we will continue to lose businesses, lose wages and tax ourselves out of business.

The beginning of the greatest journey started with the first step. Save America with one small step… Don’t Reelect Sheldon Killpack. Vote in somebody new.

Accountable Utah ranks Killpack in the top 20 worst Utah Politicians in Office. Just slightly about Chris Buttars. has reported that Killpack votes with the following organizations:
ACLU 25% of the time
Conservative 51% of the time
In Support of Education 28% of the time
Sierra Club 63% of the time and 100% of the time in 2004

Sheldon Killpack has also tried to increase the Government powers of Eminent Domain.

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Poster Boy for an Ass Whooop'n

Here comes the next greatest generation....

If I was the neighborhood cop... I would have let Grandma have 15 minutes of quality alone time for a come to Jesus whooop'n. Where the hell was the parent? They should have to spend some time in the octagon with Gma.


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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Out of Touch with Joe Average American?

I often wonder if running for President is just running around and doing dog and poney shows to aquire voters. I started thinking about his after reading this blog post about a recent Hilary PR Stunt. "She Hasn't Pumped Her Own Gas In Years"

In order to get more votes Hillary Clinton is pretending to be in touch with Joe American. So her PR circus brain storms this idea to have Clinton stop for gas while communting to work with average Joe Indianian... The idea of the PR move is to make people think she is sympathetic to the Average american worker, a trick to gain points by promoting a Gas Tax Holiday. During this PR stunt at the gas station MSNBC gets this priceless photoage of her inablility to operate the coffee machine. Is failing to be able to operate a coffee machine a sign of being a good or bad leader of the free world?

However the whole thing is a set up. Its a PR move. Its a sound bite. The Clinton's team had the event so choreographed that they had even chosen the gas pump they would stop at and where the media should point their cameras. IE: pointing at the gas pump and large sign blarring the obscene price of gas. Nice PR. While stopped she answers questions and one of them was when was the last time you pumped gas? "Its been years." Awkward... So you are so in touch with me but haven't pumped gas in years? So I am supposed to believe that she is in touch with average Joe American? Ok I am not buying it... Read the blog post as I found it very funny. I am not singling her out because I am sure the other 2 candidates are just as guilty of silly pr stunts to aquire votes.

My other favorite of the day is how Obama has been distancing himself from his Pastor. Ok so you are a twenty year member of his church and now because he is seen as a paranoid racist and its bad politically you are changing religions? Odd...

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