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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Baaaaa Baaaa Go the Utah Sheep

The Utah sheep gathered yesterday to celebrate the opening of the Ikea store in Draper. Yesterday it took me 45 minutes longer to get home because traffic was backed up for miles on the I-15 while the sheep try to get into the new Ikea store.

Now don’t get me wrong I too love Ikea however I didn’t camp out in line to be the first one in the door. I didn’t leave work to go to Ikea nor did I even attempt to make my visit on the first day no matter how good the deals may have been. Just for the record even a 60 inch plasma TV given to the first customer wouldn’t have motivated me to camp out in line for any length of time.

While sitting in traffic it occurred to me that Utahans are like sheep. They love the herd and the safety of the herd. Any time any event or new thing happens the herd goes and pretty much ruins it for everyone. Case in point when Cabella’s opened I didn’t even go in for 6 months because the crowds were so insane that I couldn’t park. California Pizza kitchen the herd determined quickly that this was a good place to eat and for months it was packed. Anytime anything new comes the herd appears and ruins the experience for me. I have lived many places and experienced many different crowds but no where else did the sheep herd together ruining the experience.

My favorite type of sheep the fair weathered fan sheep. When a sports team sucks tickets are plentiful but if they are having a decent year the sheep come out of the pastures and make it miserable. Real fans stick with their teams.

My free tip about Ikea for the noobies... They have a website...

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