Making a Mockery

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Well I thought I would share with you my lastest in website developments.

The Lastest work for >Back Country Bound Outfitters. This guy never paid me but I thought the site turned out great. PacketBlast Internet is the leader in broadband and networking solutions for apartment complexes, small community developments, hotels, and office buildings. PacketBlast is dedicated to providing broadband service that is reliable, secure, and fast! PacketBlast Networking is the leader in IT solutions for Utah small businesses, Utah home offices, and Utah corporate offices! We specialize in Network Design & Maintenance including Secure Wireless, Hosting, & Network Consulting.

Sundance Resort Spring Look... Utah Legal Team with Utah Law whose services include Personal Injury, Divorce, Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, and Criminal Law.

This weeks quote of the week. "Sundance isn't about making money or being profitable." Casey Buckley Sundance Food & Beverage Manager in a Web/Sundance Marketing Meeting on how to better sell Sundance.

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