Making a Mockery

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just to be clear to our special Sundance Readers…
Lately I have noticed a lot of traffic from Sundance and to be perfectly clear I am posting this.

I loved working at Sundance. I worked with some of the greatest people and have nothing but the highest praises and respect for most of them. I DID NOT leave bitter and disgruntled. I have no bad/ill feelings for the owner, the company or most of the employees. I am in no way a threat to the safety and well-being of any person, business and or property related to Sundance. I have gone out of my way to make the transition as easy as possible during my departure. I left Sundance for more money and better benefits so that my wife who has some health issues could work less and maybe even quit her job.

Recently I have been asked how do you get mentioned in this blog… Well that is easy…

There are a few methods…
1. Have a cool website or useful information
2. Do something extraordinary
3. Ask to be included (Email works Great)
4. Do something I find amusing, funny or absurd
5. Be a total Jerk

I tend to write about people who have repeatedly gone out of their way to try cause trouble for me over usually very trivial and silly things. For example: One group I have repeatedly written about has done such classic things like blind copy emails, nit-pick the trivial, tattle-tailed on the most strange issues (parking crooked, No I am not kidding), misquoted me benefits where it cost me money and later lied about it when confronted with evidence (I had email proof but somewhere along the line I have misplaced it but I will post it once I find it again), go above and beyond with continually stupid things and once even made me sign a work related disciplinary action.

The story of my write up: Originally they wanted to fire me for this “alleged” offense but my levelheaded and honest boss refused. My charge was surfing inappropriate websites at work (Porn). However when IT manager searched my computer and viewed the Internet logs that I had no access to and couldn’t change or delete there was NO EVIDENCE that supported their claim. The IT manager even wrote on the report that no evidence was found. I refused to sign it and they threatened to fire me so I signed it under protest. I found this charge to be insulting and very disrespectful. I came very close to quitting over it. They challenged my honesty, integrity and my reputation with no real hard evidence. During this witch-hunt I was not allowed to know my accuser nor was I informed when, where and what evidence they had and worst of all I was not able to defend myself. I found out later, some one had filed a complaint saying they witnessed me surfing porn. Having a witness, I find interesting, as it is difficult at best to see my monitor without my knowledge. In addition I know for a fact that other employees who were caught with irrefutable evidence of porn were not disciplined in any way. I do not blame Sundance for this but place the blame squarely on overly zealous HR department. Do I sound angry and bitter about this? Well good because I am still MAD AS HELL about it. This particular group of people continued to single me out whenever possible even up to my last day. To be quite honest I just love to rile them up and give them the grief they give the employees. I hope maybe someday these people will lighten up and become a good resource for the employees instead of being the bane of their existence.

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