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Monday, March 06, 2006

Dell Schanze or Super Dell Has A Melt Down

On Friday, Totally Awesome Computers shut its doors. And Super Dell melts down in front of the media.

"This is thanks to all of you," Schanze told reporters gathered outside the Jordan Commons Megaplex. "All the media in Utah are liars and murderers . . . . I would not want to be in your shoes having caused this. You are agents of Satan and you need to repent." Salt Lake Tribune

Schanze is awaiting trial May 10 on charges he sped through a Draper neighborhood and pulled a 10mm handgun after being confronted by several angry residents. Schanze, who says he was defending himself and his 8-year-old daughter against "a gang of vigilantes," is charged with brandishing a weapon, reckless driving and lying to police. He recently lost a lawsuit for discrimination and has openly admitted that he is involved in an IRS audit.

Super Dell has always been a brash love him or hate Utah original. If you have seen Dell lately in the media he has become quite the over the top nutcase in front of reporters. This last tirade was hilarious. I wish that there were video clips to go with this post. Every time I have seen him in the media in the last six months he seems like he might be on drugs. Weird.

He blames the media that made him a star and entrepreneur success for his downfall. Actually Super dork it was you yourself blaming everyone but yourself for your silly actions. This is PR 101. When a scandal breaks and you are involved apologize and be repentant. Has he not seen the melt down of hundreds of successful people.

The Deseret News was full of advice for Super Dell.

Schanze caused own downfall

Dell Schanze's recent attack on the local news media, going so far as to call them "liars and murderers" and "angels of Satan," is just more of the same ludicrous hyperbole and self-promotion we have come to expect from this 24-karat ignoramus. For Schanze to attack the media for spotlighting him is the ultimate reduction to absurdity. Through this entire affair, Schanze has courted media attention as zealously as a love-starved hero courts the girl of his dreams. Schanze's real bitterness lies in his own inability to manipulate the media to his advantage. He opened Pandora's box but didn't like what he got.

Schanze sold great computers. That much is true. But his downfall is his own grating personality. Schanze slit his own throat by annoying the Dell out of everyone.

Paul Gibbs
Kudos on a great letter and “24-karat ignoramus” I will have to use this one later…. Sorry his computers suck…

Super Dell needs to grow up

Dell Schanze needs to grow up and take responsibility for his actions. This man has never met a camera or a news reporter he didn't like. It is not the media's fault his business failed. It is not the media's fault he drove 80 miles an hour through a residential neighborhood. He is a prime example of the "it's everybody else's fault but mine" train of thought. I feel sorry for the ex-employees of his company.

Dennis England
Salt Lake City

Totally Awesome Computers Its more a letter of what happened.

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I bet you will all claim it is Jesus's fault for getting himself killed too huh?! It is really sad to see that Satan has so completely clouded your vision that even plain simple logic is tossed to the wind. How can someone like Jesus get crucified? Well all it takes is a Satan worshiping media that makes those that are easily tempted by Satan to believe he isn't really good but every good thing he does is actually horribly bad. Then presto you end up with people like you that will attack in hatred out of complete ignorance of the truth. If you actually read your scriptures you can see plainly over and over again how Satan turns good to evil and evil to good and people like you fall for it again and again. What happens next? Well Jesus is still Jesus and those those that fell prey to Satan so easily are cast in the fire and burned. It is one thing for the evil media to turn truth into lies, it is another thing for you to believe it. I still love all of you though and hope for your sakes that you can one day soon have your eyes opened before it is too late. I did what was right knowing full well what the outcome would be. That's the nice thing about the scriptures, evil people just keep doing the same thing over and over again and anyone that reads about it on a regular basis can see it coming miles away. I even know exactly what your responce to this post will be. It is all in the scriptures pretty much word for word. I would also exhort you to be careful of your posts, becasue just like the media you will also have to take responsibility for the hatred and contention you create. To those that are not consumed with hatred with their very concence deluded by Satan I might mention that it isn't the God of money I want to please, those that say I failed are not paying attention to the success I'm after. I believe my mission was fully accomplished successfully, I did what was right, stood up for what I believe in, spoke the truth disreguarding Satans temptations to be politically correct and followed God to the best of my abilities in all things. If you listen to Satan tell the story obviously the truth will be far from the moral of the story portrayed.


Your analogy would only make sense if you didn't crucify yourself to begin with. Over the years you have spread hatred towards all your competitors and anyone who spoke out against your company.

You sir, have spread hate, you crucified yourself on camera, and only you are to blame for your own actions. You let your family down, your employees, and all your customers. Most of your employees think you're crazy, I think you are an attention loving whore.

I believe in Karma, and what goes around comes around. The media gave you a little bit of rope and you finally hung yourself. It's your fault, nobody else's but your own.

If you decide to go back into business try to point out the positive merits of your own company (if any) rather than tearing down your competition.
I hope you find peace, and I wish your family well.
Dell had his faults for sure, but he made a series of infommercials that helped me out during a difficult period in my life (they weren't money-making ones, more of the advice kind). For that, I will be thankful to him for helping me to deal with some hard realities.
I just wanted to thank people like Tom James who recognize some of the many great things Dell Schanze has done and are willing to stand up for him. I've seen many people change their opinion of Dell after meeting him and talking to him and really getting to know him. On the movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" there is a line that I think applies to people like Dell Schanze-- "There are no perfect men in this world, only perfect intentions". Dell's heart has always been in the right place and I've seen him bless the lives of others over and over with his selflessness. True, I don't always agree with some of his actions, but I try to understand his intentions more than I try to judge him. In the end, I see that his thoughts and actions are usually directed at helping others even if he suffers for it. Abraham Lincoln said: "If you look for the good in others, expecting to find it, you surely will". I hope we will all spend more of our time looking for the positive and lifting each other up. This world has enough negative already.
I don't care what most of the posters here have said. I knew Dell only from two 'races' he and I engaged in in 2002 in our very similar BMW 760 ILs down the south end of I15. I kicked his butt but he would never admit is... ha ha.. he wrecked his to boot which I feel bad about. Nonetheless.. there are 1 Dell's born for every 100000 typical clone idiot Utahns. Long live the rare Super Dells of our time. Good luck my man
I must admit that I don't know SuperDel. I once did get the opportunity to see him speak at BYU. I was very impressed by his business sense. My blog post was to merely post my thought that Dell has seemed to have melted down over time whether it be his ego grew too much, pride cycle or what ever he has come across as a nut case lately.
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