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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Service is Not Dead

Why is it that some people have more trouble with their cars than others? I rarely have any trouble but my wife on the other hand attracts trouble like bees to honey. Last night she comes out to her car and it has a flat tire. I am home babysitting the kids Sydney and Zach. We have a foster child for any of those who didnít know. I donít have the car with the car seat so I canít help. Luckily I was in the basement and didnít hear my cell phone.

Today my wife works all day from 9 to 5. No biggie we will just change the tire after work. It then hits me that another wife car incident has rendered the spare tire and wheel unusable. My sister stops by so I beg and borrow her car to take care of this issue. My wifeís car is in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Happy happy joy joy I am there on a Saturday morning. To my surprise the parking spot next to her car is open. I pull up with Zach or as I like to call him ďstand in my way pleaseĒ. I open up my sisterís trunk and pull out my manly Craftsman 5 ton jack all the while people stare. Hello havenít you seen a car with a flat tire before? I loosen the lug nuts as more passersby stare as if I am stealing the flat tire. I mean after all most thieves steal flat tires instead of good tires right? So I jack up the car and put a jack stand under the frame, a very common practice. For some reason this freaked some lady out. She asks, ďAre you just going to leave it like that?Ē Um yes I am going across the street with the tire to get it repaired. Really I should have said Blank off you blankety blank blankerÖ but I didnít. ďIt doesnít seem safe.Ē It is but why if you donít feel safe you donít stand next to it.. ďWell I donít knowÖĒ Exactly you donít know so shut up and go on about your wayÖ Isnít there someone else who needs chastisement more than I? Who honestly stands in the Wal-Mart parking lot heckling people change their flat tire? Granted it was Saturday Hell at Wal-Mart but give me a break.

I share with you this one story due to the service I received at Les Schwab Tires. I drove in with a tire my trunk on a Saturday morning. The place seemed busy but someone still greeted me at my car and asked what I needed. I was a little shocked since most businesses donít really care. The tire person took my tire and said it would be 25 minutes. I told him I couldnít wait but I would be back later. He took my phone number and I was off. I drove down the road and filled up the car with gas after I was done my phone rang and it was Les Schwab. My tire is fixed and ready to pick up. I stop back by and pick up the tire and then they didnít charge me anything for it. Wow what a surprise? My point is service like this is what used to be the norm but now itís the rare exception. So if you are looking to buy tires in Lehi or American Fork Utah, I would recommend Les Schwab.

(801) 492-0538 485 N 900 W American Fork, UT 84003-5204

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