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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Jimmy Chunga Plagiarizes a Joke

This morning I flipped on 101.9 the end for kicks and giggles. Following the Mr. West dust up and the internet following it has brought entertains me. So I am stooping down to listen… I know I know.

This morning Jimmy Chunga shared one of his rules of life “If you made it until 30 and your job still requires you to wear a name tag you have a serious problem.”

Hmmm that sure sounds like Dennis Miller’s quote, "A good rule of thumb is if you've made it to thirty-five and your job still requires you to wear a name tag, you've made a serious vocational error."

There have been other comedians crucified for using other comedians’ material. Hmmm….

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Chunga Gives Mister West the BOOOT!!!

So the truth comes out about a beloved radio DJ

Deseret News... Friday, Feb. 22, 2008 12:56 a.m. MST

"Mister West," the former KENZ ("The End," FM-101.9) morning personality, now works for the Deseret Morning News as an assistant city editor.

"It was the last thing in the world I expected," Mister said of his dismissal after more than eight years at KENZ.

The show had been consistently in the top five of the 25 morning shows in the market.

"They negotiated with Chunga and he signed a new deal," Mister said. "I was fully intending to receive a contract offer when my general manager sat me down and told me that morning's show had been my last. They offered no severance; just had someone escort me from the building. I was shocked. He refused to give me any reason for the decision other than to say it was nothing I had or hadn't done. It wasn't until days later that I learned from others that Chunga had insisted on the change as part of his contract talks."

Mister said he has no idea why this happened, as the two had worked together well for more than 15 years and he considered him a friend.

"Chunga is easily the funniest person I've ever met. My job was to make him and the show better, and I know I helped do that."

Citadel Broadcasting, the owner of KENZ, had no comment on Mister's dismissal, because it is company policy not to discuss personnel issues. Because of that corporate policy, neither Chunga nor the station manager would comment.

Mister said he'd like to at least return to radio part-time one day, though Citadel is holding him to a six-month "no-compete" clause.

Mister's radio career spans 20 years, with work also at KCGL, KJQN, KFMY and KXRK. Before working at KENZ, he was employed as a reporter and an editor at the Deseret Morning News.

What I would like to know now is: Is Chelsea sleeping with Chunga? Because any DJ that sucks as bad as her must be doing something to promote her career... Chunga should have had Chelsea's termination as part of the new contract as well...

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

When Trolls Attack

For a while now I have been predicting the final curtain call for a radio station I have loved, KENZ 101.9 The end. After spending a year sabbatical in Los Angeles I returned to Utah to Discover the End. It was a welcome fit after leaving some of the greatest stations in the world in LA. I was a rabid fan of the station. Now as you have read I can't bear to listen to it as it struggles to redefine its self or implode upon itself for lack of a decent morning show, quality music and or dj.

What I find interesting is the amount of people agreeing with my position of the End is dying a horrible undignified death. I have received a lot of emails regarding this. Most posters hate the new guy Parker and especially hate Chelsea. I personally blame her for the downward spiral. In my original post about the failure to renew Mr. West's contract I linked to a site that had insider information about what happened. Mister West Boycott I have been following closely the comments posted to her site.

If you want to send Chelsea a I think you suck comment do so at her myspace page.

This subject has created a swell of support from fans of the Chunga and Mister Show. The blog post has also attracted a lot of trolls. I love internet trolls what a malfeasance they are. Secretly I believe that employees of Citadel communications have posted some of these hateful things. Unfortunately I have no evidence of it other than my gut feelings and past experience with internet controversy (My Sundance pages for those in the know caused quite a stir for some of the middle brass aka Mari Turner and Shawna Vanderlunden). Anyone who tries to make money via a publicity based business and doesn't follow their internet property for trends and chatter involving their business is a fool. Then again judging by the End's website maybe they don't care about internet marketing, and that is a business gaff for another rant. What a waste of an internet property.!?!

So the trolls have begun to gather at Dizzy Miss Lizzy's Blog like flies to a nice warm cow pie. I find it repulsive that the trolls gather to feed upon someone who posts their opinion about what happened to the dj and her opinions about the show. Its all very sad to me that someone who disagrees will make very personal attacks on a person for expressing their opinion. However that being said I think that this just adds credence to the fact that I believe that decay of 101.9 The End is beginning to stink and the station is drifting into oblivion. Its like the death of an old friend. I think some of the trolls might be employees or close friends of the station who are feeling the heat from the dismissal of Mister West. They are slowly reading the writing on the wall and feel helpless in the demise. Shake ups and major staff changes always send a ripple through the rank and file fan and employees. Staff often times have the same symptoms of grief. I think that right now they are in the anger stage.

What I am saying is the removal of Mr. West has brought the slow destruction of a show and radio station to a head and people are beginning to voice their opinions about the subject. They are beginning to say we don't like the direction this station has taken. Do I believe that this blog will change Citadel broadcasting, only in my wildest fantasies but no I know that it won't. This fact of the inability to change a corporate policy in this instance has has brought out the trolls. Those internet vermin that like to call names and hide behind the mask of ambiguity of their keyboard not having the balls to attach an identity to their ideas. I read recently that it is because trolls are stupid and this makes them unhappy and they want others to be unhappy too. Web Trolls: A definitive document to cover the utter sadness of the Internet troll is a very funny read.

“If you can't answer a man's arguments, all is not lost; you can still call him vile names.” Elbert Hubbard is a quote someone posted in response to some trolling on Dizzy's site. I find that funny. What a slam in a nice eloquent little quote.

One last peace of evidence that the End is dying... This post from X96 Radio from Hell Blog.

If you want to send Chelsea a "I think you suck" message try her myspace page or her psuedo-work email

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The End of 101.9 KENZ

A few days ago I turned on the radio to KENZ 101.9 The End for a listen because I have a fantasy that they will do the right thing and fire Chelsea in order to resurrect a good radio station. I think that she is killing the station slowly. I think she sucks but you can read that here. Instead the radio station has decided to fire Mr. West albeit they use a different term for it: contract dispute. The truth may exist right here. The bottom-line is that Citadel Communications thinks they can do it cheaper and be more profitable unfortunately Chunga and Mr. are/were their gravy train. Personally I think that this radio station will disappear within 6 months. Chunga and Mr. have been keeping it alive and occasional bright spots with other DJ’s but they have been few and far between. I think there is a large demand in Utah for the type of radio they started out with but I think this is the swan song for this station. An Alternative Rock/New Wave station that plays 80’s classics as well as new stuff that fits in to this genre. Chunga over the last year and a half has been slipping. No longer is he as funny but has become too self-absorbed and has forgotten what his audience liked about him. Chunga seems to be suffering radio burn out or career burnout because he is doing too many other things outside of 101.9. I miss the old days of Chunga and Mr West with a little bit of Stevie Oldfield mixed in for some fun. I guess I will just keep on enjoying satellite radio.

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