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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dr. Marilyn T. Welles and the Flamingly Incompetent Controversy

Well our old Sundance friend must be in the news again or is at least back to stalking me. My logs are filled with hits from her ISP and hits from Google Searches on her name. I have missed my good friend Dr. Flamingly Incompetent aka Dr. Marilyn T. Welles. You can Read About Dr. Flamingly Incompetent and her tricks here. . Or read her letters to me here. Or even get your certified flamingly incompetent t-shirts or just View the Flamingly Incompetent T-shirt Logos. I have received over 100 hits this month related to Marilyn Welles…either by her ISP in Canada or by searches for Marilyn Welles. I seem to rank very high for Marilyn Welles in Google… in fact #1 and #1 for flamingly incompetent.

If you want to learn more on how I got these high rankings for these search terms see Google Bombing Marilyn Welles.

Dear Marilyn Welles,
Your letters to Eric Sather and to others at Sundance eventually got me fired. Ok NOT I am totally joking. I decided to pursue a new job with more potential for me and my family. If you would like to stalk me there that would be fun. Did I tell you I work in Emergency services? I do… I work closely with many police agencies. (You know those who uphold stalking laws) I haven’t reported you as a stalker yet because it is still a fun novelty for me and my associates. Hey why don’t you click some of my Google ads while you are here so I can pay next years hosting bill. I mean you are sucking off enough bandwidth that you should at least be useful. Ads are on the right side…

Miss You

PS Did you get your flamingly incompetent shirt? If not send me your address and I will forward it on. In the mean time keep your faith in God. Oops I forgot you are an atheist. Dr. Welles keep fighting all the religious people in America and Canada…as it makes me laugh... and maybe we can get IN GOD WE Trust Removed from our money or maybe the Utah Highway Patrol Memorial Crosses removed.

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