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Monday, August 04, 2008

Is Governor Jon Huntsman The Anti-Christ or Just an Anti-Christ

Dell Schanze of SuperDell fame recently evoked a reaction from the media who has mostly ignored him as a real candidate for Utah Governor with a phone campaign calling the current Utah Governor an Anti-Christ. For those not in the know Dell Schanze is running for Governor and has been using phone messages to spread a message that Jon Huntsman Jr. is “anti-Christ socialist”.

I some times call the Governor that myself actually. But I know that he is just a politician trying to get re elected by not saying or doing anything stupid translation meaning: not tackling any real issues in an election year. We all know its fluff until next year when really nothing else will get done either. Not sure where Jon stands on the issues well no one really does. See: On the Issues

Recently I think Huntsman Jr. has gone soft. He was a no show supporting school vouchers (Read down towards the bottom) when it was a close race. His 4 day work week is a disaster about to start. I love government who works less and does even less especially as the day goes on

Dell Schanze clarifies his statement in his blog… I love Dell... In the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson "Dissidence is the purist form of Patriotism... " in his repsonse to accusations of treason against the crown and support of the rebellion in the states. No man is a patriot who doesn't question his ruler. When the people stop questioning the government democracy fails.

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