Making a Mockery

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sometimes you just have to make fun of Stuff.
Todays Mock Photo.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

<vent on> So there I am sitting quietly in my office trying to gather my
thoughts for the day. The day was brand new and I had quietly been prioritizing
my day’s tasks…No this is not some Franklin Day planner moment. I
just had some things to get done. My phone shatters the silence and my thought
process. On the other end of the phone is one of my most feared users. This user challenges my patience and makes me wonder if maybe I should take her computer
away since she doesn’t know how to do the most basic of tasks on it. As
usual she is in panic mode because my boss isn’t answering his cell phone
on the first ring. It’s time for her weekly use of a laptop with several
PowerPoint Presentations on it. She can’t find the laptop. I look around
my office and notice its not here. Realizing the handicap of this poor user I
call her assistant knowing that the laptop is probably sitting in her office.
My hunch was correct and it was sitting right there next to her door. I go and
get the computer and set it up in the usual spot. She arrives and cannot figure
out how to launch her PowerPoint presentations. “Um double click the desktop
icon labeled your PowerPoint.” I mutter. She just doesn’t get it.
Next she couldn’t figure out how to minimize one PowerPoint to see the other.
I really want to take away her computer. I am not cold and callous. I do understand
that there are various levels of computer knowledge. This person just never gets
it and to add insult to injury she makes 3 times what I do and add to the fact
that no other employee is less loved and respected by employees. <vent off>
<justice on>Later I am in the office of a high ranking official and his co workers inform me that he is in a meeting with a company that out sources the department of the illiterate computer users. <justice off>

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