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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yeah I Need to Order an Adult Sized Binky

It is no secret that Tom "L Ron" Cruise has spent the last year doing the bizarre. In an effort to keep Katie's yapper shut during the hatching of the mini-Cruise, Cruise has bought his partner Katie Holmes an adult sized binky. Story That's right folks a large pacifier so that she will remain quiet during the birth of his spawn. I guess Cruise is willing to shell out the cashola to have "commissioned" such a birthing toy for Katie. That is true love I tell ya. But I have a bigger question, where the hell do you get an adult size "binky? Is it a Gucci, or Walmart brand? Pyscho! Hey Katie why don't you stand up to this nut job? PS Katie I'm selling all my Dawson's River crap!!!

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Letters to the Editor

Racing isn't worth a life

It was sad that the rookie Paul Dana died on the racetrack the other day. There's a wreck in almost every race. Most of these guys are ticked off at each other and drive like crazy to get even. I can't believe sane people would sit and watch guys going around in a circle 200 mph. This dumb "sport" isn't worth giving your life for.

Bill Simms

Dear Bill
You are a total nut job.
Racecar drivers aren't forced into their vocation it was their choice. Drivers are well aware of the risks involved.
And as far as stupid sports. what about soccer where coaches, players and fans are killed every year in bizarre violence after games?

Making a Mockery

Unused options

I think the Detroit automakers should consider shipping some of their new cars to Utah without turn signals. This would let the car dealers sell them at a cheaper price and be more competitive with foreign auto makers. There is no use paying for equipment that is never used.

Doyle McBride
Salt Lake City

This letter just made me laugh.

Larry and Michael

Would those who disapprove of Larry H. Miller on the University of Utah campus also disapprove of Michael Moore on the Utah Valley State College campus?

Robert H. Woody
Salt Lake City

Dear Robert
Yes they would anyone who would ban a public speaker is a hypocrite. And there is a distinction between the two. Larry donated millions and isn't paid to speak and Michael was paid a large sum of cash to speak taken directly out of student fees.

Making a Mockery

You gotta be kiddin!

Here's a four-word, scholarly reaction to your March 24 editorial about junking the block U on the hill: You gotta be kiddin!

Paul Cracroft
Executive Director,
U. of U. Alumni Association
Salt Lake City

Dear Paul
The Salt Lake Tribune has become such a joke that their main opinion piece last week was to suggest the removal of the U off the side of the mountain. I think we should put a L in Lindon for the Evironutcases to spell out UGLY.

Making a Mockery

East side, west side

Let's see. The west side gets a toll road, the east side might get $600,000 of Utah Department of Transportation money to build a jogging and bike trail, with the rest of the $1.1 million perhaps coming from the ZAP tax. What is wrong with this picture?

Dean Williams
West Valley City

Dear Dean
I thought the same exact thing. I guess when you are a highly valuable piece of real estate $600k for a bike trail through your neighborhood doesn't seem outrageous. Maybe the trail will connect to the government paid for Real Salt Lake Stadium.

Making a Mockery

Cheap labor here and there

With all this attention about illegal immigrants taking jobs away from U.S. citizens, how come we don't hear more about big U.S. companies locating in other countries to take advantage of cheap labor abroad?

Laura Waldron

Dear Laura
This is just crazy talk. There are plenty of low wage no benefit jobs that stay in America.

Making a Mockery

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