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Thursday, December 01, 2005

HIV/AIDS isn't the Only Deadly Disease!!!
Ok today's rant was set off by two events. Event one: TV and newspapers proclaiming today AIDS DAY and two an email from a coworker asking for donations for HIV/AIDS charities. Today is national AIDS Day. It makes me angry that as a country and in the world so much has been made of AIDS. There are many other diseases that kill more people that don't have cure. Diabetes is a disease that kills slowly and painfully its victims. Diabetes is partially preventable but is often due to your genetics. AIDS can be prevented in most cases. There are other serious diseases that aren't preventable that don't receive the press, the star treatment or the media that AIDS receives. For example Diabetes is a serious and deadly disease that receives no special recognition, no million-dollar donations to find a cure and no media attention at all. 1.5 million American's alone will be diagnosed with Diabetes in 2005. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention only between 800,000 and 900,000 people have HIV/AIDS in the USA. It makes me mad that the world makes AIDS into a huge problem and millions of dollars are wasted in research in a problem that is more about choices than with disease.

I admit and understand that AIDS is a deadly disease and is an epidemic. I know that AIDS/HIV is wiping out continents of people. I understand the seriousness. However It is estimated that 21.8 million people have died of AIDS (17.5 million adults and 4.3 million children under 15). AIDS is a tragic killer that since 1984 has been 95% preventable.

I can already hear the moans and groans about my position. No I am not a religious zealot. I am not nave to the problem. I am not thinking over simplistically. AIDS is preventable if people understand that AIDS is the result of poor choices. Making correct choices will protect you from AIDS. I do understand that we the epidemic as large as it is today that there are those who don't make poor choices who will still become infected with HIV/AIDS. To understand my reasoning and my beliefs we must know a few facts about AIDS.

WARNING: Some of the following may be rated R or might disgust the most prudent of readers.
How is HIV transmitted?
HIV can be transmitted from an infected person to another through:
Blood (including menstrual blood)
Vaginal secretions
Breast milk

Activities That Allow HIV Transmission
Unprotected sexual contact

Direct blood contact, including injection drug needles, blood transfusions, accidents in health care settings or certain blood products

Mother to baby (before or during birth, or through breast milk)

Sexual intercourse (vaginal and anal): In the genitals and the rectum, HIV may infect the mucous membranes directly or enter through cuts and sores caused during intercourse (many of which would be unnoticed). Vaginal and anal intercourse is a high-risk practice.
Oral sex (mouth-penis, mouth-vagina): The mouth is an inhospitable environment for HIV (in semen, vaginal fluid or blood), meaning the risk of HIV transmission through the throat, gums, and oral membranes is lower than through vaginal or anal membranes. There are however, documented cases where HIV was transmitted orally, so we can't say that getting HIV-infected semen, vaginal fluid or blood in the mouth is without risk. However, oral sex is considered a low risk practice.

Sharing injection needles: An injection needle can pass blood directly from one person's bloodstream to another. It is a very efficient way to transmit a blood-borne virus. Sharing needles is considered a high-risk practice.

Mother to Child: It is possible for an HIV-infected mother to pass the virus directly before or during birth, or through breast milk. Breast milk contains HIV, and while small amounts of breast milk do not pose significant threat of infection to adults, it is a viable means of transmission to infants.

The following "bodily fluids" are NOT infectious:

What does this mean?
This means that you are more than likely not going to become infected HIV/AIDS by blood products during Healthcare because since 1984 accurate tests have been available to check for HIV in our blood supply. Healthcare workers are still at risk. Healthcare employees maybe exposed because of people not being aware of their HIV/AIDS status and the possibility of accidental blood contamination. Healthcare workers are very well educated to the risks of HIV/AIDS. Sharing needles by drug users is a risk that is preventable. A person chooses to use drugs. It is a life style habit that can be altered to prevent AIDS.

Sexual transmission: this is also a lifestyle choice. Celibacy before marriage, monogamy after marriage will give you the ability to prevent the transmission of AIDS. Again this is a life style choice. It might not be the "in" thing to do but it will prevent you from catching a deadly disease. This argument is always countered as being a religious issue. It might be or it might not be at any point it will lower the transmission of a deadly disease. If you don't want lung cancer you will likely be successful by not smoking. It's the same principle. Don't engage in risky activities and you will dramatically lower your chances of catching AIDS. For some people this is unacceptable solution. The next suggestion is to use a condom but understand that a condom is not a 100% cure. It just raises the odds against becoming infected. This is again a life style choice. It is all cause and effect. If you don't want to be run over by a car don't run back and forth across a freeway.

Mother-child infections are a sad by-product of engaging in risky activities. If the mother hadn't done something to become infected, she wouldn't be passing along the infection.
There are innocent victims of AIDS but they are far less than many other deadly diseases.

About Diabetes:
Diabetes is the lack of ability to produce insulin in the body or cells in the body become resistant to insulin. Insulin is necessary for the body to be able to use sugar. Sugar is the basic fuel for the cells in the body, and insulin takes the sugar from the blood into the cells.
There are two types of diabetes.

Type I diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously known as juvenile diabetes. In type I diabetes, the body does not produce insulin.

Type II diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. In type 2 diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin. Insulin is necessary for the body to be able to use sugar. Sugar is the basic fuel for the cells in the body, and insulin takes the sugar from the blood into the cells. When glucose builds up in the blood instead of going into cells, it can cause problems:

Diabetes can cause:

Hypoglycemia - Low blood sugar. Low blood sugars can cause black outs, loss of concessness, coma and eventual death if not taken care of.
Hyperglycemia High blood sugar is a major cause of complications
Ketoacidosis- is a serious condition where the body has dangerously high levels of ketones -- or acids that build up in the blood -- and it can lead to diabetic coma (passing out for a long time) or even death.
Heart Disease and Stroke
Kidney Disease
Eye Complications
Diabetic Neuropathy and Nerve Damage
Foot Complications
Skin ComplicationsGastroparesis and Diabetes
Learn more at

Diabetes is far more rampant in America than HIV/AIDS. Diabetes is caused by genetics and can be induced by lifestyle. HIV/AIDS can be prevented by a life style change Diabetes cannot. Diabetes complications can kill quickly or it can kill you part by part organ by organ.

Diabetes took 20 years to kill my grandfather. I watched as diabetes slowly took his eye site over a few years and left him 100% blind. I watched as Diabetes slowly took his ability to fight infection and lost his toes, his foot, and his legs slowly over 10 years eventually losing both legs. Eventually Diabetes caused other problems included blood clots and strokes. I witnessed a disease destroy a man in his prime through no fault of his own. Yet the World ignores a killer just as lethal as AIDS. I see no Media Frenzy, no Bono Foundation, no Elton John Foundation and in fact Diabetes has no celebrity endorser and Diabetes isn't the only killer that goes ignored.

Comparing HIV/AIDS to Diabetes
20.8 million people alone in the US-- 7.0% of the population -- have diabetes. 41 million more have pre-diabetes.
36.1 million people world wide (34.7 million adults and 1.4 million children under 15) --have AIDS

Why not change your lifestyle and donate or campaign for other unpreventable diseases?

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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our Troops Must Stay America can't abandon 27 million Iraqis to 10,000 terrorists.
by Joe Lieberman
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
The Wall Street Journal

I found this article interesting in today's political climate that Joe Lieberman, who is a well-known Democratic senator from Connecticut, would publicly post this article. It is a very interesting read.

"I have just returned from my fourth trip to Iraq in the past 17 months and can report real progress there. "

Here is a congressman who is actually visiting the area and getting the truth instead of relying upon main stream media to get his information.

"There are many more cars on the streets, satellite television dishes on the roofs, and literally millions more cell phones in Iraqi hands than before. All of that says the Iraqi economy is growing. And Sunni candidates are actively campaigning for seats in the National Assembly. People are working their way toward a functioning society and economy in the midst of a very brutal, inhumane, sustained terrorist war against the civilian population and the Iraqi and American military there to protect it."

Our media fails to report the whole truth. They seem to be hell bent upon sensationalizing of their "stories". Blood and gore sell. Most of the media also seems to be for the failure of our government and especially of President Bush. United we stand divided we fall.

"In the face of terrorist threats and escalating violence, eight million Iraqis voted for their interim national government in January, almost 10 million participated in the referendum on their new constitution in October, and even more than that are expected to vote in the elections for a full-term government on Dec. 15. Every time the 27 million Iraqis have been given the chance since Saddam was overthrown, they have voted for self-government and hope over the violence and hatred the 10,000 terrorists offer them. Most encouraging has been the behavior of the Sunni community, which, when disappointed by the proposed constitution, registered to vote and went to the polls instead of taking up arms and going to the streets. Last week, I was thrilled to see a vigorous political campaign, and a large number of independent television stations and newspapers covering it."

Giving the right for people to decide their own fate is one of the greatest gifts of modern life. The Iraqi people seem to be voting more and more. To me this is a huge sign of success. The Sunni's going to the polls instead of fighting is a huge step forward.

"Here is an ironic finding I brought back from Iraq. While U.S. public opinion polls show serious declines in support for the war and increasing pessimism about how it will end, polls conducted by Iraqis for Iraqi universities show increasing optimism. Two-thirds say they are better off than they were under Saddam, and a resounding 82% are confident their lives in Iraq will be better a year from now than they are today. What a colossal mistake it would be for America's bipartisan political leadership to choose this moment in history to lose its will and, in the famous phrase, to seize defeat from the jaws of the coming victory. "

If Iraqis who have suffered through so much feel optimistic and have hope for the future how can we as spoiled Americans not join in their hope for a free and peaceful future?

We invaded Iraq on the belief of a terrorist threat. Everyone knew it and agreed with it at the time. This even includes President Clinton who chose to bomb Iraq in 1998. Was our intelligence flawed? We know now that it was but it was what we had. Has the President handled the whole Iraq war properly? I think he has but he has failed in his PR. The President seems to be slow to admit to problems and often comes across wrong, which has been multiplied 100x by the bias media who are out to crucify him.

If we are to be successful we need to stay the course. Fighting about the reasons we went to war is like crying over spilled milk. We went to war and it cannot be undone, but now we need to do the best we can with the situation. Pulling out too soon or announcing our intentions only gives hope to the small numbers of terrorists through out the region. Terrorism can be neutralized. Iraq needs the power to choose its own destiny. It needs to modernize and become a member of the global economy. Economic prosperity reduces terrorism by creating opportunities for education and the accumulation of wealth by employing the masses. People who are educated, employed and fed are far less likely to resort to violence. Like the great Poet Bob Dylan once said, "when you got nothing you got nothing to lose."

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Stars I Don't want to See, Hear and Read About in 2006
I am a news junkie. I watch and read too much news. I openly admit I watch Fox News, listen to NPR, read several newspapers every day and read too much on the Internet. I am big enough of a man to admit that lately I have even been listening to talk radio instead of an endless wave of crappy FM music stations cloned from each other. The media likes to over-hype over-report and just plain annoy us with all kinds of news especially Celebrity news. I can't seem to escape the following celebrity egos. I herby decree a ban on the following:

Paris Hilton
I am not sure why she is such a darling of the media. I don't find her attractive; she never seems to have anything intelligent to say. It is all just "look at my skimpy outfit." I just don't believe that she is that interesting.

Lindsey Lohan
I wish she would just learn to drive. When Disney has to spend $2 million on digital breast reduction in your Herbie movie, it might be time to take out the silicon. Watching her butcher Stevie Nicks' Edge of Seventeen on the American Music Awards has just pushed me over the edge. If you can't sing or act don't be on TV. It seems simple doesn't it?

Tom Cruise
Wow talk about going off the deep end. and losing all respect. Let's see I would like to see him shut the hell up about the following: Katie Holmes, Scientology and how much he is in love. Isn't it bad enough you impregnated America's Dawson's Creek star?

Kevin Federline/Britney Spears
Federline is the ultimate slacker/gold digger. It's not "Chaotic" is Moronic. I work in Welfare Valley City if I wanted to see white trash all I have to do is look out my office window. Crawl back into your Louisiana Mansion and disappear.

Harry PotterSure he is fictional and I am sure that I will be despised for saying this but I am sick of Harry Potter everything. I want to go to Toys R Us and not see Harry everything. I want to be able to eat fast food without Harry Potter trying to sell me a hamburger.

Runner-ups in this contest include The Olsen Twins, Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey Michael Jackson, and Ashlee Simpson.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Six Geese a Laying.Five Months of Bills.
That's right kids the price of 12 Fun-filled Days of Christmas went up 6.1% and of course I blame big oil. I do enjoy the stock ticker on this site. Nice...

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Letters and News from Provo's Daily Herald.

Provo traffic enforcement lacks basic common sense

Some months ago a visit to Provo turned out to be a rather expensive trip.

Surprised at receiving a citation for parking my vehicle with the driver's side against the curb, I was further shocked that the imposed fine would be $30.

Having been guided by numerous radio advertisements warning against the dangers of backing over children I proceeded to explain to the hearing officer how backing a pickup truck with sleeper created much more danger than the way I was parked. This was fruitless.

After observing numerous cars parked in Orem in the manner for which I was being cited in Provo, I decided to seek an audience with the public safety director.

It seems that after public safety considerations Orem's powers that be have wisely concluded that they are only going to issue citations where vehicles may cause accidents or are parked in such position for a longer period that allowed by law.

In my opinion the mayor and Municipal Council of Provo have run amok. Provo boasts BYU as its largest employer and the merchants post such glorious banners welcoming students while all the time police lay in wait.

By the way, if you're really pressed for parking next time try double parking; it's only $10.

Jerry Lees

As usual my dream Response Letter.

Dear Jerry

Don't do the Crime if you can't do the Time. Remember to repent to your ecclesiastic leader not confess of your stupidity to readers the Daily Herald.

Mayor Billings

Other News according to the Daily Herald.

High-schooler proposes on Hogi Yogi marquee
The scary part is that they are both 17.

Dear Newly Engaged
Who is going to support you? Where are you going to be able to live on $5.35 an hour? How soon until you have a baby that the state gets to pay for? My advice move out of your parent's house for a while and revisit the engagement in 6 months. See what happens and see if you can afford to be taking risks with my welfare payments I pay through my taxes.

John Q. Taxpayer

Simpson, Lachey Officially Separate
This really got me teary eyed especially when I thought of a perfect break up song to play in remembrance. It's the Misfits Die Die Die. (lyrics below) The Metallica Garage Days Revisited version is the best version... There are samples at Amazon. This album is good for house cleaning on Saturday mornings cranked at a decent level. Favorite Tracks include a cover of Queen's Stone Cold Crazy, Thin Lizzy's Whiskey in a Jar and Bob Segar's Turn the Page and Lynard Skynard's Tuesday's Gone. Please don't buy the album but make an illegal copy of it just to tick of Lars Ulrich who is a greedy son of a gun.

DIE DIE DIE by the Misfits
Die, die, die my darling
Don't utter a single word
Die, die, die my darling
Just shut your pretty mouth

I'll be seeing you again
I'll be seeing you in hell

Don't cry to me oh baby
Your future's in an oblong box, yeah
Don't cry to me oh baby
Should have seen it a-comin' on
Don't cry to me oh baby
I don't know it was in your power
Don't cry to me oh baby
Dead-end girl for a dead-end guy
Don't cry to me oh baby
Now your life drains on the floor
Don't cry to me oh baby

Die, die, die my darling
Don't utter a single word
Die, die, die my darling
Just shut your pretty mouth

I'll be seeing you again
I'll be seeing you in hell

Don't cry to me a baby
Your future is in an oblong box
Don't cry to me oh baby
Should have seen the end a-comin' on, a-comin'
Don't cry to me oh baby
I don't know it was in your power
Don't cry to me oh baby
Dead-end girl for a dead-end guy
Don't cry to me oh baby
Now your life drains on the floor
Don't cry to me oh baby

Die, die, die my darling
Don't utter a single word
Die, die, die my darling
Shut your pretty mouth

I'll be seeing you again
I'll be seeing you in hell

Don't cry to me oh baby
Die, die, die my darling
Don't cry to me oh baby
Die, die, die my darling
Die, die, die my darling
Die, die, die my darling
Die, die, die, die, die, die....

In no way shape or form am I condoning or suggesting anyone to do Nick and Jessica harm but instead I wish they would just disappear forever from the public eye never to be seen again in the news.



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