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Friday, July 14, 2006

Rocky Anderson the Ungrateful

It was recently announced that the President of the United States is visiting Utah. Salt Lake City Mayor/Court Jester has vowed once again to embarrass everyone with a large protest. Rocky the protestor created a stir the last time GW visited. I think that it is unprofessional and uncouth to protest the President while holding public office but that's just me. Rocky thinks it's ok to spend over 35 days of the last 60 days traveling the world at taxpayers' expense to further his eco-Nazi campaign. Read Too much flitting about by Anderson? Council members point to 73 days gone in a year Rocky's travel has gotten worse not better since this article.

In today's Deseret News there was a funny letter to the editor.

Mayor has time for protest?

Somehow, Mayor Rocky Anderson has been able to find a break in his travel schedule to organize another protest.
Do us a favor, Rocky. Go back to your "busy travel schedule."
Jeff Robbins
Salt Lake City

In a perfect world I would love to see the President snub or even embarrass Rocky Anderson but I know that it won't happen because despite his short-comings President Bush won't do a thing to a tiny two-bit politician who is the mayor of Salt Lake City. I guess Rocky is above professional courtesy just like he is above representing the voters of Salt Lake. If nothing else Rocky Anderson should give respect to the Office of the President but its obvious he won't. Shame on you Anderson.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Orin Hatch Doesn't Believe in Don't Do the Crime If You Can't Do the Time

At least if you are a 'music mogul' like Hatch is.

Our beloved Senator Orin Hatch has once again shown his love and compassion for criminals. It turns out Hatch recently made some phone calls to get another "music mogul" out of jail in Dubai. It turns out that Atlanta R&B producer Dallas Austin brought some cocaine with himself on a trip to Dubai and was busted by the local 5O. Austin's attorney who just happens to be Hatch's entertainment lawyer made a call. It turns out after the one call that's all and Hatch will call his buddies and the next thing you know you are pardoned and released.

I almost cried. Orin Hatch is so in touch to save a millionaire from a silly 4 year jail term in Dubai. Hey Hatch stop helping your song writing buddies and do something about American problems like Immigration, Torte Law or hell even flag burning because we know how important that is. I mean honestly didn't you screw us over enough with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

It appears that I am not the only upset Utahan. My favorite additional info... Austin pleaded guilty. Hatch cleared 40k in music royalties proving that any idiot can make money in the entertainment industry.

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