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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Recent Letters to the Editor

Miller willing to take on Hollywood sleaze machine

Long live Larry Miller!

What a beautiful way to express his right of free speech and send a strong message to the Hollywood "trash mongers" by pulling "Brokeback Mountain" from his theater.

If I owned a theater, I would have done the same. While I'm all for being able to do what you want in the privacy of your home, the line should be drawn against showing it on the wide screen.

As for the sheep those guys were herding, if I were one of them, I never would have turned my back on either one of those guys.

Gary Macomber,

Dream Reply:

Dear Gary

You moronic jello loving Utahan."Brokeback" Mountain contains a story of homosexuality not bestiality. Sheep should have no concern.

Heath "I hate Utah" Ledger
La La Land, CA

Bestiality is OK

Larry Miller doesn't want to promote homosexuality by showing the movie "Brokeback Mountain," yet his theaters have multi-screen showings of "King Kong," basically a love story between a woman and an ape. I guess it's OK to promote bestiality.

Don Ware
Salt Lake City

The reply:


I really didn't love the woman it was merely just a crush. I knew it would never work out in the end. I just missed Godzilla so much.that I thought I could replace her with a human.

King Kong
New York



It's just the movies. its not reality. Besides its heterosexual love story. And damn it I am not going to answer these ridiculous questions from the media!!!

Larry H. Miller
Salt Lake City

Required viewing

As a traditional Christian raised a Roman Catholic and now a Methodist, I was stunned by a preview screening of Richard Dutcher's new movie "States of Grace." In spite of everything I have come to understand about LDS theology in the 29 years I have lived in Salt Lake, here is a Mormon filmmaker who demonstrates a deep understanding of - and longing for - unconditional grace and forgiveness through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
This movie challenges the stereotype that many of us traditional Christians have of Latter-day Saints and their belief in only conditional grace. It
should be required viewing for everyone in the local Christian community when it opens later this month. Bravo, Richard Dutcher!

David Pascoe
Salt Lake City

Dream Reply:


Come on!! We all know you are really Richard Dutcher. Nice free marketing ploy.

Sheriff Wes Clayton
Brigham City

Spanish ads are poorly done

As a business owner and a Spanish-speaking Latino, it is sad for me to see how corporate America is failing in its use of our language.
Looking at the new Dex directory, you can tell the ads are from American businesses - which is a good thing - but the translation has spelling mistakes. Some ads don't make any sense. They even use words that do not exist in Spanish.
If companies want to reach the Spanish-speaking market, they should hire people who really understand the Spanish language and culture. It is a mistake for American businesses to simply translate an ad into Spanish that was aimed to another market without taking into consideration the content or idea.
Corporations should take the time and invest their dollars promoting their products to reflect quality. Poor advertising says "poor-quality product."

Jose Santos Ojeda

Dream Response:


Just a reminder in America we speak English. By making companies operate in several languages you are actually costing more. English is a wonderful language you should try sharing it with your friends.

Uncle Sam
Washington D.C.

Go, Grandpa Miller!

In response to Roger E. Carrier's comment (Readers' Forum, Jan. 10) that "Larry Miller's grandchildren are going to be ashamed of this act." I can assure HIM we are not at all ashamed of this act. We love our grandpa, stand by him, support him and are proud of him. It is pretty great that we live in a country where people have the right to make the movies they want, and the owners of the theaters have a right to show (or not show) the movies they want.
I suggest Carrier not speculate on how we feel about the example our grandfather sets for us. Go, Grandpa!

Jennifer Miller
Salt Lake City



Can you ask Grandpa when he is going to can that deadbeat Carlos Boozer?

Concerned Jazz Fan

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Monday Morning Links

Is Lindsey Lohan the woman of only one facial expression? You be the judge!

This beer commercial made me laugh.

No wife to nag you to do something? There is now a free online service called HassleMe

Here is an Online To Do List

Tired of having 10 computers with different bookmarks? I was now you can share your bookmarks online: If you want to see mine shoot me an email.

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