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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

For Sale 2005 Ferrari Low Miles One Owner MUST Sell

I didn't really want to have to write about TO but I couldn't resist. Terrell Owens worried about not making the car payment on his Ferrari reads an apology. His new suspension will cost him close to a $1,000,000 in lost wages. Last night I teared up a little listening to T O reading his apology. Ok not really. I just thought what an idiot. He could have issued this PR piece a week ago and avoided this whole mess.

''The mentality that I have, my greatest strength can also be my greatest weakness. 'I'm a fighter. I've always been and I'll always be. I fight for what I think is right. In doing so, I alienated a lot of my fans and my teammates. This is very painful for me to be in this position, I know in my heart that I can help the team win the Super Bowl and not only be a dominant player, but also be a team player. I can bring that", read Terrell Owens.

To put this in perspective, yesterday I took my 100th help desk phone call and solved a computer problem but my employer failed to recognize my success as a Tech Services employee so threw a little tirade and held a news conference. In the process I whined and bad mouthed my boss my coworkers and praised my agent. Ok I didn't do any of this because I knew that my employer would fire my butt in 2 seconds. Why the hell would he think that he flap his gums about his employer failing to recognize his records? It seems stupid. Football is a team sport. Teams win games, divisions, play offs and championships not single players.

Every time I see Terrell Owens opening his mouth I think of that memorable quote from Backdraft. "You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye? That's your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear." Every time he opens his mouth his market value drops. What team is going to take a huge risk to offer him a long-term big money contract? Signing TO is a huge financial risk. Owens is selfish and not a team player. Owens is a bold capital 1000 point font I.

And his agent Drew Rosenhaus is a pompous butt-kissing egomaniac. His speech after Owen's read apology was amazing. Rosenhaus's actions makes sports agent Bob Sugar from the movie Jerry Maguireseem reasonable. If I was an NFL team owner I would stop dealing with this clown. He drives up market prices and promotes whiney athletes who have no redeeming value.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Blunders of Utah's Sacred Cow.Orin Hatch Must Go!
If you haven't discovered a reason to vote this clown out of office,
I found a pretty big reason: The Music of Senator Orrin Hatch, Listen to his Songs Wow. this made my dog run for cover.

The longer I am in Utah the more I think Orin Hatch needs to retire or be retired. I didn't do anything when Hatch sponsored and promoted the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or the Induce Act, or when he became the biggest opponent after Metallica to jump on the bandwagon to outlaw Napster and assorted file sharing utilities but now I believe its time to send him home. Orin Hatch has become a puppet of Hollywood and big business.

The DMCA is bad for technology. It kills small business who may be inventing incredible technology but due to lawsuits or threats of lawsuits stop pursuing technology that could be used for good and not just bad. DCMA opens up a world of more frivolous lawsuits (for examples see An example: Dutch Pass iPod Tax
"The Register is reporting that in a few short months a proposal to tax all MP3 players in the Netherlands will become law. The levy taxes 3.28 euros ($4.30 US) for every gigabyte of capacity. This means a 60GB iPod Photo will be hit for an additional 196 euros ($258), all of it going to the record industry's copyright collection agencies. And they call file sharers thieves?"

"Senator Hatch has shown that he doesn't understand the Internet or, at least, he does not welcome the kind of democratizing tool it can be. This attitude is clearly shown by sponsorship and promotion of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and the Induce Act. It is shown by the amicus brief he filed with the Supreme Court in the MGM vs. Grokster case, essentially asking the court to make the Induce act law through court action. These actions favor big, entrenched business over small, innovative business." Steve Urquhart in his blog post titled Technology, Politics and You. Steve Urquhart is running against Orin Hatch in 2006.

A Few Great Reasons to Axe Hatch:

Destroy 'pirate' PCs, says politician
"Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican representing Utah, asked technology chiefs at a hearing in Washington about whether they could develop ways to damage or destroy the computers."
Do you think this isn't serious? Read about Sony Music's RootKit or Read the dangers of any RootKit. RootKits are a method that malware and spyware use to hide files from system utilities and virus protection. Does Hatch not remember McCarthyism? I believe that he is doing the same thing to technology as McCarthy did to "suspected" communists.

Flag Protection Amendment
I think we get into a dangerous slope when we legislate how people can express themselves. I personally hold the flag sacred and don't think it should be defiled but I believe that the first amendment allows for its desecration. I believe this is another example of the slow erosion of the freedoms of America.

Hatch continues to support immigration including illegal, chain, and for cheap work supply. I believe that America depends upon cheap labor to fill jobs that the majority of white Americans won't do: however I think we should create an easier way to import labor, which allows for documentation of immigrates. We should seal our borders but loosen the rules so that it promotes legal immigration vs illegal immigration. There is a real threat from undocumented aliens. These people can be criminals, terrorists or other dregs of society that need to be closely watched. Look at what is happening in France. The riots caused by Africans and Middle Easterners is due to large importations of immigrants without proper controls.

Recently I have seen a lot of buzz for Steve Urquhart. I believe that he will probably get my vote in 2006 because of his understanding of the importance of the creation of new technology.
The only thing I like about Hatch has been his comments on Rocky Anderson's stupid mayor tricks like Presidential Protests or Cohabitant rights. Or maybe Rocky and Orin are the Same Person?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Bowl Eligible.
I was reading this morning about how with one more win BYU becomes Bowl Eligible. Are you serious? Have college football fans become so desperate for a bowl game that we allow most teams a chance to "go to a bowl game"? Maybe we have too many bowl games if a team must only win a whopping six games to become bowl eligible. It used to be that bowl games were reserved for conference champions and or top 20 teams. Now any team capable of winning six games can be picked for a bowl game. BYU is flirting with that sixth win with 2 games remaining vs. Wyoming and instate rival Utah.

I don't believe for a single instant BYU should be picked for a bowl game. BYU isn't on the radar of any poll but the Fox Sports poll who ranks them as #78. Lets recap our season thus far.

Game 1: Boston College gives us a nice thumping 20-3. BYU continues its end zone phobia. paging Dr. Phil. BYU needs you. Where the hell is Dr. Phil?

Game 2: BYU welcomes the high school team of Eastern Illinois. Who in the hell schedules a division II A team for a game? Was this Gary Crowton trying to save his job? BYU of course wins 45-10. Eastern Illinois has an enrollment of less than 8000 students. I give huge ups for any IIA school that has the testicular fortitude to come to Provo and play. Oh and Oregon is doing great with Crowton.

Game 3: BYU blows a 21-point lead in the 4th and ends up losing to TCU. TCU suddenly has become ranked in the top 20. BYU DEFENSE or lack there of squanders a nice 3 td lead in the 4th with 2 td passes of over 35 yards. Pass defense ranks dead last.

Game 4: Beats Colorado State. who almost beat #25 Colorado but every other team they have played has a nice losing record.

Game 5: San Diego St Aztecs eat fresh cougar meat. 31-10. BYU melt down in Cali. It was even uglier than the score indicates. After this pathetic effort Lavelle Edwards contemplates calling BYU to have his name removed from the stadium.

Game 6: BYU visits South Bend for a nice refresher course on humble pie. Granted BYU played well for almost 2 quarters before the appearance of Dr. Jekyll. Bronco Mendenhall calls Arnold Friberg and asks him to paint a Mormon version of touchdown Jesus.

Game 7: BYU manhandles Air Force who seems to be struggling with a nice losing record vs. nobody opponents.

Game 8: BYU beats UNLV who is 2-7 but yet Bronco plays John Beck the whole game despite being up by 34 points. I guess the fear of a TCU like collapse was ever present.

On a Related Note:
While reading the BYU athletic page I stumbled upon the Cougar Cheerleader page. I had no idea the entertainment value of their site. I became quite enlighted.

"Imagine an athletic team consisting of both women and men athletes who practice weekdays for the sole purpose of enhancing the efforts of other athletic teams."

It makes the cheerleaders seem like Viagra. Maybe they should have a warning on their page. If athletic efforts last for more than 4 hours please consult your physician.

"The BYU Cheer Squad supports men's and women's NCAA sports. Squad members are expected to promote student participation in University activities, enrich relationships with the community, and uphold the standards set forth by Brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

This quote made me laugh also since the photos clearly show outfits that wouldn't be allowed on BYU campus due to the honor code. I guess its better that one squad dwindle in unbelief rather than one football team fail to be bowl eligible.

Cheerleader "Mission Statement:
As representative of Brigham Young University and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, we will bring others unto Christ through our talents, attitudes and services."

I can't tell you how many sinners cheerleaders have converted. Maybe we could lower Utah's record level of convicted sex offenders?

Cheer Squad Quick Facts
True Freshmen: 5
What the hell is a true freshman? Someone who is in his or her first freshman year? Someone who has no AP credit?

Average Female Weight: 104 lbs.
This is a very important stat to publish. We all know that a chubby cheerleaders is as popular as an IED in Iraq.

The Cheer Squad cheers for; football, woman's volleyball, men's basketball, and women's basketball.

I guess this means the other 20 sports teams are screwed on their "athletic enhancements".

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