Making a Mockery

Thursday, October 06, 2005

How many BYU Cougars does it take to change a flat tire?
1 unless it's a blow out then the whole team shows up.

For BYU football this season looks to be another lame one. We are 1-3 this year and haven't beaten a division IA team since November 6th 2004. So does any one think that maybe it wasn't Gary Crowton but just the current crop of players that play uninspired for the last three going on four losing seasons. Or maybe its poor play calling or maybe it's the aura borealis. Maybe we should learn from the past and return to the standard Lavelle Edwards defense of yesterday after all it produced wins or maybe it has been unstoppable offenses that made defense a second thought. Maybe 50 million for an indoor practice facility wasn't the right choice. You know 50 million would give 1250 students a $10,000 a year scholarship for 4 years.

A quote from the Salt Lake Tribune says it best.

"One linebacker had to be restrained several times from going after an SDSU strength coach. Another linebacker screamed at fans to shut up, replying to their taunts after BYU's dismal performance in a 31-10 loss Saturday at Qualcomm Stadium.

The positive is at least some Cougars care. On the downside, the team apparently isn't good. Dating back to last season, BYU has lost five consecutive games to Division I-A teams. The only interruption is a win over I-AA weakling Eastern Illinois three weeks ago."

Maybe Bronco Mendenhall should be teaching sportsmanship, honor and integrity to his teams if it isn't already too late.

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