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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Daily Herald Letters to the Editor

Parking lot enforcers put profit above patriotism

For the past 12 years, my family and I have attended the Fourth of July parade in Provo.
This year, we enjoyed the parade from our usual spot in front of the Elms Apartments.
At the conclusion, we dutifully stuffed all of our trash in our garbage bags; we placed it, along with our blankets, into the back of our vehicle, when suddenly we spotted a red sign on our window. I was shocked. I looked down again at the glaring red paper. I read, "University Parking Enforcement ... $50 fine, booted at 9:10 a.m." They had booted my car while I stood as the honor guard passed our spot. I had my son hurry and call the number. We waited and about half an hour later the man showed up. He slyly smiled, "Would you like to pay this with a credit card?"

I did my best to hold it in, but could not keep in my frustration, and I said, "The Fourth of July? I can understand before or even after the parade, but during?"

"Yep." Shame on University Parking Enforcement, and shame on the Elms Apartments for allowing enforcement during this time.

Ronald Tanner,

The stupidity of the average Utah County Resident never ceases to astound me.

Who doesn't know that Provo is the towing capital of Utah.

You park on private property that I am sure was clearly marked or else they cannot tow or boot cars

Nice Example for your kids. Break the law and try to get away with it.

Everyone knows that God Giveth and BYU taketh away liberally. Whine publicly about breaking the law getting caught and paying for your crime.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Signs You Might Have a Successful Website:

People email you because of flamingly incompetence

You have a French Webstalker

You become a discussion at high-level management meetings

People Google their own names to see if they are mentioned on your site.

Most searchers use the query "hr broom splinters" to find the site

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