Making a Mockery

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It's True..

Dumb people cause more accidents because they are more prone to accidents according to a British study. Lower IQs in Childhood Linked to Accident-Prone Adulthood.

My wife will be relived that I am not really being a jerk by saying things like what are you an idiot to get hurt like that. It turns out it's not their fault its just a fact of being dumb. I personally believed my whole life that dumbasses cause accidents. I have finally been validated by science.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

T I Double GRRRR Sucker Punches Junior

I love lawyers who chase big money targets like the leaches they are. NOT! Check out this video. Allegedly Tigger sucker punches this teen. It appears that there was some contact but in all the video I have seen it appears to be teen play but not according to this father who seeks damages. So why do I despise this video and this huckster of a cheesy lawyer? It's blatant targeting of a billion dollar corporation. Who appears on every national morning news show with their attorney who says nothing? The father uses inflammatory language like its just been a nightmare since this happened on Saturday. The father is obviously well coached by an ambulance chaser. My favorite part was when they asked how the boy was feeling he says a little sore but no pain but that is due to medications that were given to me. What a scam?

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