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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nancy Reagan Told Me to "Just Say No"


Or More Mormon Related...

According to the National Soft Drink Association, the following is the caffeine content in mgs per 12 oz can of soda:

Afri-Cola 100.0
Jolt 71.2
Sugar-Free Mr. Pibb 58.8
Mountain Dew (no caffeine in Canada) 55.0
Diet Mountain Dew 55.0
Kick citrus 54
Mello Yellow 52.8
Surge 51.0
Tab 46.8
Battery energy drink 140mg/l = 46.7mg/can
Coca-Cola 45.6
Diet Cola 45.6
Shasta Cola 44.4
Shasta Cherry Cola 44.4
Shasta Diet Cola 44.4
Mr. Pibb 40.8
OK Soda 40.5
Dr. Pepper 39.6
Pepsi Cola 37.2
Aspen 36.0
Diet Pepsi 35.4
RC Cola 36.0
Diet RC 36.0
Diet Rite 36.0
Canada Dry Cola 30.0
Canada Dry Diet Cola 1.2
7Up 0

Other Caffine
Cupp of coffee 90-150mg
Instant coffee 60-80mg
Tea 30-70mg
Chocolate bar 30mg
Vivarin 200mg
Cold relief tablet 30mg

Ameritech Labs, College Pt, NY; tested Sep 03, 96

Coffee and Caffeine's Frequently Asked Questions

Here comes the Mormon revolution...

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Who the Hell is Going to HELL!!!

In the Gospel according to St. Matthew in chapter 21 verses 12 and 13 it reads: "And Jesus went into the temple of God, and cast out all them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the moneychangers, and the seats of them that sold doves, And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of thieves." This scripture comes to mind when I think of Mormons I expect to see in Hell; I may or may not make it if my wife has her way. What it really comes down to is this simple fact; I hate (Yes I Hate: another vote for my eternal damnation) people who use The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a vehicle for gathering wealth. Its bad enough that there are literally millions of people, companies and organizations trying to lure my few rare possessions away from me but to have other "good members" trying to stick it to me is too much. I have officially boycotted their businesses and products.

Here is my list of Mormon's I expect to see in Hell

Stephen Covey

This man in my ultra-judgmental Mormon mentality is probably the direct spawn of Satan. Seven Habits of Highly Stolen Gospel Teachings pushed me over the edge. Repackaging of the gospel for profit is this man's mastery. Maybe I am just pissed I didn't think of this. At any rate I won't purchase his wares.

Kenneth Cope, Lex De Azevedo, Janice Kapp Perry and Any one else who created EFY music.

The authors of such Mormon Ear Candy classics as "Win the race", "Like a Lighthouse" and "What Love Is" should be punished for creating this "mission music" to rot my brain. Maybe this is backlash from my mission or maybe the revenge of EFY cassette tapes that were in my music collection that I never ever listened to after my summer EFY trips. I should probably throw Kurt Bestor into this group also despite his "membership status" problem. This is especially true of those Damn Embryo Music Samplers that spread through out my mission like herion.

Richard Dutcher

Only because the faithful in Utah County think he should go to hell. I am still traumatized by "God's Army" God don't think stuffs funny... laughter was the invention of Satan...

Deseret Book

It just makes sense. The purveyors of the "mormon handicraft". This is the network by which the money changers operate.

Orin Hatch

For almost 30 years, Orrin G. Hatch has been an influential representative of Mormon-dominated Utah. Yet he has accepted campaign contributions from wealthy sinners in the alcohol, tobacco and gambling industries -- a fact that may surprise some residents. These have not been token contributions. We're talking serious money, enough to put Hatch among the top recipients from these industries. In 2000, Hatch received $20,500 from the tobacco industry, putting him in eighth place in the U.S. Senate that year. This year, he received $17,000, putting him in fifth place (but, of course, the year is young).Representatives of the beer, wine and liquor industries gave Hatch $34,600 in 2000 and $26,000 this year, putting him in 10th and fifth places respectively.The gambling industry contributed $19,182 in 2000, putting Hatch in sixth place in the Senate for gaming dollars. (Salt Lake Tribune 4-21-05)

Utah State Legislators

These jokers seem to waste time on by creating some of the strangest legislation on the planet. Here are some of my favorites. Much of this year's weird and wacky hit two major themes. Bigger government with more taxes and even more spending or force Christian values upon the populace. I believe strongly in Christian values but I believe more importantly in a person's right to chose although abortion is still murder.

A bill that Required Divine design education. Chris Buttars kills me with his legislation. Leave religion at home and allow science to be taught. This is where the parent part of children come into play. Parents teach children about God not Utah schools. Notice I didn't say that it cannot be discussed but shouldn't be taught. God is still a vital part of America despite what atheists and existentialists say.

HB 223 A bill that would deny drivers licenses to illegal aliens but giving them a special driver privilege card. So let me get this straight no drivers licenses just driver privilege cards? I mean an illegal alien needs to still drive. How about insurance for said illegal?

HB 131 Provides that knowingly approaching within eight feet of a person for the purpose of passing out literature, displaying an object, or engaging in protest or counseling without the other person's consent is a class B misdemeanor if the person is within 100 feet of an entrance door to a health care facility or place of worship. Didn't Hitler ban protesting? Doesn't the Lord's University (BYU) ban Protests?

Another Bill boosted state sponsored abortion by clarifying and adding more money for the use of equipment, doctors and nurses where state funds are used.
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Dave Checketts

Real Salt Lake's Owner wants Utah government to pay $50 million for his stadium because he is too broke to pay for it. Checketts did just happen to have $60 million around to by the NHL St. Louis Blues.

These of course are just my harsh Utah County judgmental opinions. I could very well indeed also be going to hell inspite of the work of my wife.

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