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Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm Rick James.... or is it Dave Checketts...

To borrow a line from the Dave Chappell Show...

That Dave Checketts is quite the bastard.

Last Spring Sports West Productions went belly up. Which really isn't a big deal in it's self because companies fail every day. It's the natural process of business. However Sports West is a company which is controlled by Dave Checketts' Sports Capital Partners and is the same company that owns Salt Lake's Pro Soccer team. For those of you who may have been under a rock the last few months. Real Salt Lake Soccer club has been begging to try and con local governments to spend approximately $30 million dollars on their new stadium. Dave and friends say that they must have a new stadium to be profitable. Government officials have put the kibosh on this plan and its several reincarnations due to financial concerns. Something about sucking up all the hotel taxes for 30 years to fund a private stadium for a club that sucks in a sport that isn't that popular.

In today's Salt Lake Tribune I found a wonderful Dave Checketts' quote.
"In a statement, Checketts noted he is "owed millions of dollars from SportsWest that I will never recover." He added that, "against the advice of my attorneys," he has used his own money to pay some creditors.

"Although I am not legally obligated to make these payments, my moral compass compels me to pay something more to those who have worked with SportsWest," Checketts said."

This is in response to allegations he has failed to pay employees for work done 9 months ago. I find it absurd that Dave has the testicular fortitude to say he is owed millions by a company he owns but will not recover and that his "moral compass compels me to pay something to those who have worked for SportsWest.

The irony here is that Dave Checketts can't understand why the citizens of Utah don't want to pay for his stadium. Maybe its because we don't think that he can be successful at it or maybe we don't understand how he can build a $30 million dollar house in Park City but can't afford a stadium?

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Today is System Administrator Day

This post is taken directly from

If you can read this, thank your sysadmin

A sysadmin unpacked the server for this website from its box, installed an operating system, patched it for security, made sure the power and air conditioning was working in the server room, monitored it for stability, set up the software, and kept backups in case anything went wrong. All to serve this webpage.

A sysadmin installed the routers, laid the cables, configured the networks, set up the firewalls, and watched and guided the traffic for each hop of the network that runs over copper, fiber optic glass, and even the air itself to bring the Internet to your computer. All to make sure the webpage found its way from the server to your computer.

A sysadmin makes sure your network connection is safe, secure, open, and working. A sysadmin makes sure your computer is working in a healthy way on a healthy network. A sysadmin takes backups to guard against disaster both human and otherwise, holds the gates against security threats and crackers, and keeps the printers going no matter how many copies of the tax code someone from Accounting prints out.

A sysadmin worries about spam, viruses, spyware, but also power outages, fires and floods.

When the email server goes down at 2 AM on a Sunday, your sysadmin is paged, wakes up, and goes to work.

A sysadmin is a professional, who plans, worries, hacks, fixes, pushes, advocates, protects and creates good computer networks, to get you your data, to help you do work -- to bring the potential of computing ever closer to reality.

So if you can read this, thank your sysadmin -- and know she is only one of dozens or possibly hundreds whose work brings you the email from your aunt on the West Coast, the instant message from your son at college, the free phone call from the friend in Australia, and this webpage.

Show your appreciation

Friday, July 28th, 2006, is the 7th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day. On this special international day, give your System Administrator something that shows that you truly appreciate their hard work and dedication.

Let's face it, System Administrators get no respect 364 days a year. This is the day that all fellow System Administrators across the globe, will be showered with expensive sports cars and large piles of cash in appreciation of their diligent work. But seriously, we are asking for a nice token gift and some public acknowledgement. It's the least you could do.

Consider all the daunting tasks and long hours (weekends too.) Let's be honest, sometimes we don't know our System Administrators as well as they know us. Remember this is one day to recognize your System Administrator for their workplace contributions and to promote professional excellence. Thank them for all the things they do for you and your business.

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