Making a Mockery

Friday, September 30, 2005

I am telling MOM!!!!!
So we have a winner in the who tattled about "making a mockery" to the Sundance brass contest. Recently three independent sources have verified our winner.

And the winner is ____ ______.

So I must really apologize to the Sundance HR Staff for falsely accusing them of this malfeasance.

Maybe I should have tattled on the following things like bending, breaking or ignoring of Sundance policy. Things like:

Normal 2 hour lunch breaks
Free meals on Sundance
Using Sundance Computers for personal business like shopping, ebay or chat
Using Sundance Telecom for personal business including long distance
Leaving early or taking days off when the boss was out of town

However I am not about tattling or nit picking or revenge, but I bet the new Sheriff in town takes care of these issues. especially if he gets wind of this. or maybe if Sundance staff start tattling on Mari.

I should have guessed that it was she but I didn't think she was computer savvy enough to find my site. I learned early that she was not a person to have an altercation with, as someone once told me, "she would like to get you fired rather than see you succeed."

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sundance Cans One of its Best Creative Minds.

Today I was saddened to read in the Salt Lake Tribune that Sundance Resort has "streamlined" Ray Grant Director of Programming. I must admit that for the most part I was a big fan of Ray's. I think Ray brought some creativity to a place that has little creativity but claimed to be the center of the creative universe (Just read their own press). I find it amusing the spin that Sundance put on this. Salt Lake Tribunes headline reads "Sundance's programming director leaves due to cuts" and the Deseret News reads "Departing Sundance chief blames $$$" Since hiring Eric Sather as the Director of Operations over a year ago, Ray has been a marked man. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that Sundance cannot have two masters. Ray was a huge target because he was bold and brash and his programming was losing money. Despite some of my differences with Ray's ideas I thought he did a tremendous job and I have nothing but the utmost respect for him. Grant passionately tried to make Sundance a high-class resort. Ray was instrumental in my success at Sundance. I wish Ray all the best.

So questions abound after this event.
1. Is Robert Redford going broke? Since when has he been concerned about wasting money at Sundance? This is an unusual step to fire top level management but isn't unprecedented since the average executive staff member lasts about one and half years anyway. It just doesn't usually come out that it is about cost savings.
2. Does this mean that Eric Sather has become the darling of Sundance and might actually stay on at Sundance instead of going to Zermatt in Heber City when its completed? Did he get a pay raise?
3. How will the changes affect HR? Will they need to hire more staff? Or will someone in management come to their senses and break up The Vanderlunden Cartel?
4. Will plays and outdoor concerts return to the Sundance Resort Outdoor Theater?

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