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Friday, August 11, 2006

So what ever happened to Super Dell?

If you aren't familiar with the story start here.

Well it turns out that he was finally sentenced for making false statements to the police. Dell got no jail time but a $552 fine and a chance to attend a course that teaches people to "make appropriate decisions". Ooops a little late.

What I find amusing was his quotes on the news. KSL's Report

Dell Schanze: "If I had not had a firearm, the odds are very likely that a physical confrontation would have happened. There would have been a fight, they would have attacked me, and since I am a black belt, I probably would have had to kill two of them with my bare hands; but instead I had a gun, so no harm happened."

So let me get this straight a black belt is more dangerous than a gun?

"Super" Dell Schanze is still in denial and insists that his bad fortunes, including the demise of Totally Awesome Computers, are the result of what he calls the "evil lies of the news media."

Dell Schanze: "If I was a really bad guy do you think any of these news reporters would still be alive? Ask yourself that question. You know you all have the ability to repent because of the grace of God, but you are still alive to do it, because of the grace of Super Dell."

So its by the Grace of Super Dell that man and reporters are saved. Is this in the King James Version of the gospels of Super Dell?

The judge made it pretty clear to Schanze that he needs to stay out of trouble with the law for the next year, or he could face some jail time. Schanze told the judge, that wouldn't be a problem.

So how long will it be before we see Super Dell again? Stay Tuned!

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