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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The lighter side of Seriousness

Recently an ex Sundance employee sent me this gem. I found it amusing and thought I would pass it on.

How many HR employees does it take to change a light bulb?

One unless it's a celebrity owned resort in Utah County and then it takes four. One to change the light bulb, one to micromanage the project, one to do all the paperwork and one well we all wonder what the hell she does.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Rocky Anderson: Don't Go Away Mad Just Go Away.
For me January 2008 will not come soon enough. Mayor Rocky "No Spine" Anderson will not seek a third term. Thank God. I am tired of seeing Anderson screwing around with Salt Lake Politics.

My favorite Rockyism was his weak and often side changing, side stepping position on Salt Lake's Main Street Plaza. Lets sell some property to the LDS Church and then tell them what they can do with it after they have signed a deal. Lets join the ACLU in pointless civil actions wasting everyones time and money. As a side note: Anderson spent many years as a lawyer in Salt Lake City, specializing in civil litigation and was president of the local ACLU chapter. Can you say conflict of Interest?

Lately Mayor Rocky "No Spine" Anderson, a Democrat, has called on anti-war activists and Democrats to conduct "the biggest demonstration this state has ever seen.'' . Our band wagon jumper has found another cause to boost his popularity. However I am repulsed by a public servant going after another public servant in such a manner. Today you either like the President or you don't. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but stirring up hate isn't a thing a mayor should do. Rocky in an e-mail Wednesday to about 10 activist leaders, the maverick mayor of Utah's capital called for a diverse demonstration to greet Bush. Its nice that Rocky has grown a spine now that he isn't running for another term. I think that Anderson has been spending too many nights with Bob at Sundance. Anderson used these tired and worn phrases to justify his plight "Our beef is not with the military, it's with the president and his administration. We all need to support our troops. They're doing the very best they can, they're putting all on the line as they have since the country's founding, and we need to be grateful for that.'' We support you but we don't support your mission. What a slap in the face. to those who volunteered to be in our military. So when do we start screaming Baby Killers just like in Vietnam?

Maybe the President lied about his reasons for going to Iraq, maybe he really thought there were WMD's or that Iraq posed a threat, no one knows for sure but now that we are there we need to stay the course. We must leave the new Iraq with a stable government. Leaving a power vacuum in Iraq is not a solution. Leaving Iraq is begging for an Islamic Extremist Government who we will fight again. Not too mention giving them the ability to choose their destiny is the greatest gift we could give them. Where would the United States be without the help of France when we were fighting for freedom?

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