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Friday, March 17, 2006

Touché: Thanks Kent for the Laugh

Website analytics is a funny thing. I often play with my website just to see what I can do with a search engine. After all search engines are a big part of creating a successful website. We have seen my Google bombing experiment with Marilyn. Over the past few months, I have noticed that the search engine phrase that sends me the most traffic is marilyn t. welles loves eransworld. It turns out not to be Marilyn... what a relief. It is a great response to my Google Bomb. Thank you for taking the time. It made me laugh.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

What Cost Utahan's $1,166,666.67 Per Letter?

Utah's new slogan: "Life Elevated".

Are you kidding me? We spent $14 million bucks to hire W Communications to revamp Utah's Travel and Tourism slogan and this is what we get. Hell, I can think of a better slogan how about "Cash Evaporated" or "Money Alleviated"!

Who thinks this crap up? Where do I get this job? It seems every Governor gets to pick a logo. Governor Huntsman had "Seek Higher Ground" but that was too close to Colorado's, and which had replaced former Gov. Mike Leavitt's "Utah! Where Ideas Connect," which had replaced former Gov. Norm Bangerter's "Utah, a Pretty, Great State".

I think maybe Utah should follow the Australian tourism slogan bandwagon. Australia is boosting its advertising dollars by being controversial and getting world-wide free press, radio and TV advertising and Bloody hell: Australia swears by new ad campaign. The Australian commercial in Britain is being edited to include a beep where they say bloody. So why doesn't Utah do something viral like "Utah Damn Hot ". And focus on Utah's Hot Skiing, Hot Outdoor Life, Hot Business Community, Hot Film Festival, and Hot Nightlife (ok maybe not that one). Oh yeah, I know why Utahan's are too busy trying to outlaw the immoral.

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