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Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheerleader Safety: Our Skimpy Outfits are Really About Safety

Today's What the Hell Letter Comes directly From the Utah County Daily Fantasy aka Daily Herald

BYU cheerleaders dress 'immodestly' for safety

I have been on the BYU cheer squad for four years and for years I have heard people whining about how "the female cheerleaders' skirts are too short."

The vast majority of BYU teams compete in "immodest dress." If the football team didn't wear their skin-tight pants then they could trip, or someone on the opposing team could use the slack to bring them down.

Every one of these tasks requires them to wear the uniform they wear or else they could slip and fall. Even in this our cheerleaders wear the most modest uniforms around. Nowadays, some cheer squads wear a sports bra and biker shorts in their team colors and call it good.

All I ask is for people to research things before they complain, or at the very least just give it a rest for a while.

Michael Russell,

West Valley City

Making A Mockery is truly Speechless after reading this letter to the Daily Herald
So let me get this straight being half naked at sporting events is about safety? I bet those professional sports cheerleaders are safety pioneers.

This letter may be in response to Oregon State Removing It's Cheerleading Program... and replacing it with a cheerleading program that caters to those who don't look good in mini skirts, bare midriff attire. Read More Including some Funny Facts about the change..

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Top 10 Reasons For Vicente Fox to Visit Utah

1. Wanted to Try Café Rio's Steak Salad
2. Always been a fan of the Sundance Kid
3. Wanted to learn more from Orin Hatch about taking campaign funds from big businesses that prey upon the poor, the weak and the uneducated with emphasis of how not to represent his constituency.
4. It's been too damn hot in Mexico
5. Can't find any good gardeners in Mexico to mow the Presidential Palace Lawn
6. He finally is a Diamond member of NuSkin.
7. Thinks Rocky Anderson is one sexy bitch.
8. He is out of caffeine free Barq's Rootbeer
9. Wants to learn more about Utah's New Lexus Only HOV Lane
10. Knows where Warren Jeff's is and is trying to get the reward cash.

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