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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Randomness of the Web

How to disguise your Tofu at Thanksgiving? Tofurkey Disguise Kit. That's funny a vegan with a sense of humor how unusual.

Confessions of a Polygamists Wife: insights into sharing a husband and the arrangement. So where do you go to purchase king sized bunk beds? (Work and Kid Safe)

Ephebophilia: Is it just me or have Female teacher's become the new sexual predators? This link lists recent female teachers caught in underage sexual contact with students. I was surprised at how many there are and how few actual served any jail time. If these teachers were male they would be deemed predators and locked away. A Utah Legislator has recently announced proposing a bill to allow for the death penalty for sexual predators who have been previously convicted.

I must admit that the movie Office Space is one of my all time favorites. Some one has re-cut the movie trailer to make it seem like a horror flick. Very Funny.

It turns out that at BYU Uniform modesty is still in question

Will It Blend? This is Online Viral Marketing at its best and it's by a Utah Company and Utah Ad Agency and is truly genius.

Post It Notes Are they good for Animation? You be the judge.

The Best of. A website dedicated to Lists.

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