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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Terrell Owens Idiot Extraordinaire:
Unless you have been in outer space for the past month or so you should be well aware of the unfair contract Terrell Owens is trapped in. In case you have been out, I will recap it for you. Last year Owens signed a slave labor 7 year $48.97 million dollar contract. After one year Owens would like to renegotiate his deal because "it is unfair" and "it's not about the money but making sure his family is taken care of". First off I am sure that it is tough to support a family on $49 million. I mean my wife and I only made $60k last year so I can really relate to the struggle of Owens. Who doesn't starve when you only make $437,000 a game or almost $8000 a minute during a 16 game season?

First off I would like to thank the Eagles organization for giving Owens the proverbial middle finger. Not renegotiating, not releasing, not trading, not allowing this to distract the team and sending Owens home for bad behavior is awesome. Finally an injection of intelligence from an NFL organization when handling spoiled stars. According to MSN, "Philadelphia president Joe Banner has said Owens won't return with the new contract he wants and they don't want it continuing to disrupt the team." Andy Reid has become my NFL hero for sending T.O. home for some cooling off time.

So you are probably wondering why Terrell is an idiot? So far I have only written about his greed. Greed is nothing new in sports. Why is T.O. and idiot? Owens is an idiot because of several reasons. Owens could have been the hero by keeping his mouth shut and negotiating behind the scenes. By whining to the public Owens had already lost his battle. Average Joe can't understand how $49 million is unfair. Taking his problem public wasn't the solution. Showing up to camp was a start but it has since spiraled out of control. Owens has badmouthed just about everyone on the team and everyone in the organization. How is this going to win financial stability for your family? Owens has lost favor with the public, he is losing favor with his teammates and is losing his battle to redo his deal, in addition he is losing out on a future deal with other teams. That's right folks Owens is killing his future earning power.

Owens is killing his golden goose one feather pluck at a time. No team on the planet is going to want to deal with a spoiled star that rips teams apart faster than carrots in a veg-a-matic. Lets remember back 2 years ago to San Francisco. It seems like only yesterday Owens was an angry 49er. Terrell didn't think the 49ers wanted him because of his "bad contract", so he demanded a trade. In the process of getting a trade, Owens alienated 49ers head coach Steve Mariucci and trashed talked his then quarterback Jeff Garcia. Both Mariucci and Garcia left town and Owens eventually got his trade albeit to Baltimore. Owens whined about the Ravens and was instead traded to the Eagles. Owens has now done a similar thing in Philly. Owens has whined about his unfair contract, ostracized his teammate Donavan McNabb and angered his coaches. All while his agent Rosenhaus claims "Terrell doesn't have an option. He's very unhappy with his situation. He's very uncomfortable, and it's a tough situation for him. He's an emotional person, a great competitor, and he's in an unfair contract." Now what team is going to see this entire circus and go boy we should go out and get Owens. In 4 short years Owens has whined his way into a corner. The Eagles are not going to let him go. The Eagles may release him next year but few teams will have room salary cap wise to trade for him or pick him up and if one team is crazy enough too how long will it take Owens to dismantle the next team. Owens has in quick fashion managed to ruin working relationships with two people known for their class, Reid and McNabb. If clashing with these two class acts is possible just think of what Owens could really do to lesser men. No trade, no free agency and no options is what is going to kill Owens.

Can Owens recover from the infection of his mouth? Owens could be successful if he would shut his big mouth. T.O. needs to go and mend fences with Reid and with McNabb. Owens also needs to put in a tremendous team effort and be on his best behavior. Owens needs to win fans back. If Owens does his best and rebuilds broken bridges, I think that he could get a better contract soon or at least be traded to that new contract. I don't believe that Terrell will do what it takes. His ego and mouth are the downfall of someone with hall of fame talent.

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Genealogy while not my favorite thing to do can be very interesting. According to relatives, my ancestry can be traced directly to pilgrims on the Mayflower, who left Europe to create a better life. These brave souls begat heroes who crossed the Delaware with George Washington on Christmas Eve for freedom in a new country. Later more relatives answered the call joining the North in the Civil War; one even becoming a Union Colonel spending years suffering in Andersonville Prison, where almost 13,000 died from disease, poor sanitation, malnutrition, overcrowding, or exposure to the elements. More descendants crossed the United States searching for freedom and finding a truth. Eventually both my grandfathers fought in World War II, one of them being stationed at Peal Harbor on that fateful day in December 1941.

In today's world, we lack heroes and to me, these men and woman are heroes. These unique individuals gave up all that they had in the pursuit of a better tomorrow. All of these brave souls gave up their "me and mine" for future generations. Without taking a chance on the Mayflower, I might not be an American, not fighting for freedom I could have been ruled by a King, not preserving for the Union and battling for freedom we might not be the United States, not crossing the continent in pursuit of dreams I might not be a Californian, not aiding allies I might be a native Japanese speaker. I walk in freedom in my native United States because my ancestors were brave, heroic souls who gave their best for a better tomorrow. I am truly grateful for their sacrifice.

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