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Thursday, April 28, 2005

"Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, said Thursday that first-quarter earnings soared 44 percent from last year, due mainly to strong crude and natural gas prices." Source ABCNews

So I did a little Googling. So I find the United States Government Energy Information Site. They just happen to have a page that tells the story of the price of gas. The site says the average price of gas for the USA is 2.23.6 with a 42.4% increase over last year.

This tells me that the geniuses at Exxon Mobil didn't really do much only a 1.6% rise in profitability. The other 42.4% was just sticking it to the consumer. Is any one in our government going to get some guts and do something? Sure the President asked for the Saudis to produce more oil. Is that so that we can lower prices or so we can create more profit for our Oil Companies? Don't misunderstand me I am all for a free market to determined the price but come on. if we don't do something about this I see more problems for the economic health of the USA. Recently released data says that the economy is faltering.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I recently had a brick hit me in the face. ok not physically but it was still just as surprising and painful. It's not secret that I am looking to add to my bottom-line with a job upgrade. The wife is pressuring me to grow up and have kids.

First let me give my disclaimer. I love my current job. I would never ever leave if they were to offer a semi-competitive salary. and maybe paid holidays, and maybe more vacation. I love what I do; I have the greatest boss in the world. I have a significant impact on the company I work for however they just don't have the desire or possible the resources to give me a pay raise. I don't really believe that I can be promoted above my position because well to be frank there are two of us. My boss holds a director level position which is never ever filled internally; translating from Sundance speak: if he leaves I wouldn't be even considered a candidate for his position.

Anyway I have been applying and interviewing at different companies. I was recently told by two different HR people that I am over qualified for the positions even though the jobs both paid 40-60% more. Ouch!!! I thought the process is the best possible candidate wins. It is not as if I am applying for entry level deep fryer operator. I gots skilz. I is almost a college gadiate. I have a good 8 years of experience. So my questions are simple. How do you know when to give it your best resume or just the watered down damn it I want this job resume? How do I know it's the battle royal or just a simple sit down you got the job type of thing? So now not only do I have to deal with technology preventing (things like resume spiders who glean the appropriate key words) me from getting jobs I have to worry about my "over-qualification"

On to the next topic.
Tom Delay and his "problems"
I was reading the USA Today in the Sundance Deli while waiting for my lunch. And here is this article that caught my attention, Travel by Congress often paid privately By Jim Drinkard, USA TODAY. Corruption in our government I don't believe it they are all honest Abes. Everyone knows that power corrupts and blah blah blah blah.. The portion of the article that made me laugh is this:
"The leading travel sponsor was the educational Aspen Institute, which spent nearly $2.9 million on seminars for lawmakers. Institute spokesman Jim Spiegelman said the money comes from foundations, and the trips educate lawmakers without pushing a point of view."
The reason this is funny is because we hired a new general manager a while back and he was the head of the Aspen Institute. Not only did we get Eric we got his sidekick Fred as assistant General Manager another Aspen Institute employee. So the Sundance Saga continues hiring those who may or may not be a good candidate for the company.

Dr. Marilyn "Flamingly Incompetent" Welles Update:

Here is an email I got recently.
First let me apologize for Marilyn Welles. She is a bitter, nasty women and I am sorry that she spreads. This women is my aunt, so I all to well know of her ways. I have been up in down with her in the past but eventually it became all to clear that we should pity such a lost soul. I can't even begin to tell you how malicious this women is to her own family. I had it out with her a few years ago and she went and had my email account shut off . Which is easy to do without a justifiable cause with hotmail. She can't handle the truth. She lives in her self created world where she is queen. Please don't give her the time of day. She loves to fight and seems to do so with everyone who doesn't fall into her disciple realm. As I have stated already here, please don't take her personally. Always consider the source and let me assure you, I could give you many reason to laugh her off.

Thank You,

Name Removed to Protect the Innocent.

Ouch it must suck when you relatives think you are nuts too.

I wrote them back saying that I had no hard feelings I just think this whole thing is very funny.

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