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Monday, May 01, 2006

Immigration Day Protest Observations

Today is immigration protest day, or Uno De Mayo or what ever. I have noticed a few things.

I called in to work to say I was boycotting work and my boss told me to "get my @$$ into work". Ok just kidding but I am positive that is what he would say. I guess the bill collector is no respecter of my rights to call in for a protest day off either when I asked not to pay any bills today. The white man just keeps the Scandinavian American down again and again, I just can't win. Where is the Justice?

Another observation is that I had no road rage today. Traffic flowed great. Not one incident where a Latino construction crew in their 1985 Chevy Pickup, that burns so much oil that you think it might be a two stroke, pulled out in front of me.

My egg McMuffin order at McDonalds went smoothly. The drive through order taker even spoke nearly perfect English although she was Latino. I guess even the most dedicated human rights protestors have bills to pay. I even understood her reply. They however still messed up my order. I guess some things just don't change.

I guess all this protesting leaves me asking a few questions. Why would you miss a day of free schooling in protest of immigration rights? Does this protest day also mean no freebies at the Emergency Room? No social welfare checks, No Star-Spangled Banner in Espanol? Does this protest include no sneaking over the border into America today?

And one other thing. Gas prices went up. It turns out that Latinos not doing anything today has raised fear in the oil trading oligopolies and the price of oil and gas production rose again.

I sure hope I can get a carne asada burrito today at the local mexican food place.

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