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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Is the Salt Lake Tribune Really Liberal?

Orrin Hatch and Barry Manilow Sexy BiotchesOr do they just know how to grease the wheels of stupidity?

Ok so a while back The Salt Lake Tribune decided to back Orrin "I love to write the songs" Hatch. What the. the only liberal Salt Lake newspaper has gone. soft. Recently Pete Ashdown visited my blog and made a comment. I had recently been reconsidering his bid for Orrin's job.

Anyway. researching it more I find this little gem on Pete's website.

It turns out that Pete has sent in some opinion pieces to the Tribune to rebut some of Orrin Hatch's classic gems like Global Warming is Science Fiction. It turns out that the Tribune wouldn't print it. How noble of them to protect Hatch? Or is it the dumb general public?

Hatch is running on the good ole status quo. Have you seen his commercials? I nearly puked today watching one. It's message was to re-elect me because I am an institution. What ever, Ford Motor Company is an institution but because it forgot to change it's dying.

Here is part of another Op-Ed piece that Pete Ashdown wrote to rebuke Orrin Hatch. It asks some pretty good questions.

Seniority does not serve America. Seniority serves the interests of senior politicians. While public education is crumbling, our ports and borders are no more secure than they were on 9/11, our veterans ignored, and millions suffer and die without regular health care, I am ashamed that pork takes priority over fundamental need. It is with pleasure that I pledge to destroy the seniority system to return a balance of government interest to the people and help level the playing field for fair elections.

Orrin Hatch claims you should vote for him because of seniority. He states the Democrats are weak on security, that he is fiscally conservative and committed to small government. That in spite of obstructionist Democrats, only he displays the leadership which can serve Utah.

Where is Senator Hatch's concern for national security when he displayed more self-promotion than national protection by spilling the details of secret intelligence monitoring of Osama bin Laden within hours of the attacks on September 11th? I do not believe the Republican nor the Democratic Party has a desire for weak security, but Senator Hatch has demonstrated he is a security risk all on his own.

Where is the fiscal responsibility when Senator Hatch does not show restraint in securing a lavish $100 million for an expansion to the Utah Federal Courthouse? This is a project which will literally move a building across a street, raze a popular nightspot "Port o' Call", and replace a characteristic portion of Salt Lake's downtown with an enormous "Justice Cube" eyesore. Expensive, out of place, and useless, this will be an appropriate tribute to pork and the Senator who secured it.

Where is Senator Hatch's leadership when he begs Utahns to petition the Bureau of Land Management to keep nuclear waste out of Utah? True leadership does not require thousands of citizen letters to communicate the obvious. Last I checked, Congress was in charge of the BLM and not the other way around.Read the Rest

Please help me to send Orrin Hatch to the Unemployment line. Vote Pete Ashdown to Congress.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Vote Orrin Hatch into Unemployment

Recently I did something that I rarely do in an election year. I changed my mind about a candidate.Before I changed my mind, I was just going to skip my vote on US Senate race in Utah. I thought that Republican Orrin Hatch would win again in Utah no matter what. I have been reading about Democrat Pete Ashdown for a few months. I was skeptical. Recently I saw him debate Hatch and I was impressed by a few of Ashdown's arguments and views but wasn't swayed. I posted this on this blog and I received some well feedback from people asking me why I wasn't impressed. I couldn't put my fear on it other than a fear of Nancy Pelosi as the Speaker of the House. I thought back to a time when Government was better than when it was today. I think government that has opposition is a good thing. When Reagan was President we had a Democrat controlled congress. When Clinton was President it was the opposite Republicans controlled Congress. It truly was the checks and balances that Jefferson put into government by having three branches.

Here are some reasons I like Pete Ashdown.

  1. He isn't Orrin Hatch. Ok it's not really a reason other than I think Orrin Hatch has lost touch with Utah despite his belief he hasn't. 30 years is enough. Term Limits wouldn't be a bad thing.
  2. Technology. Pete Ashdown owns a technology company. He knows about technology unlike Hatch who I really don't think can spell technology just look at the legislation Hatch has given us. THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM COPYRIGHT ACT OF 1998

This is from Pete Ashdown's website.

America should lead the world with innovation. Education and infrastructure for doing so should be a top priority. An Internet free from government control, taxation, and monitOrring strengthens our economy. As long as the United States takes a backward stance on the advancement of technology, other countries will leave us behind.

Any legitimate purchaser of media or technology should be able to use their property as they see fit without government intervention. Technology progresses rapidly and we need technologically savvy lawmakers who can lead us in sound policy making. Currently, there are legislators who repeatedly attempt to pass laws reigning in the Internet and other technologies. They do this at the beck and call of multibillion dollar industries by expanding the definition of copyright. Industry which refuses to adapt to technology should not be protected by making that technology illegal. Smaller music and film companies use the Internet to their benefit and should not be penalized by the behemoths' refusal of progress. Lawmakers tilting the playing field do not encourage small business and home innovators to take risks, and thus hold back our economy.

I am committed to making our government more adaptable and technologically capable. Utah's economy and America as a whole can benefit from my representation.

Pete Ashdown also gives links to more bad Technology legislation on his website at Pete Ashdown Embraces Technology

I love Pete's view on Lobbyists.

Again Borrowing from Vote for Pete Ashdown Site.

"Lobbyists. The solution to this question is not lowering lobbyists to the basic citizen's level of involvement, but opening government so that every American has an equal opportunity to access their elected officials. Instead of potentially violating free speech rights of lobbyists, let's expand the rights of petition to every American. When elected, regardless of any law, I will post my schedule online so people can see exactly who I am meeting with and why. I will also, with privacy respected, post all communications to my office and their intent. The approaches I am advocating by the increased use of technology for grassroots lobbying, will balance the voices of lobbyists with the voice of the people."

Every American sees the cronyism that is rampant among our leaders. Pete stands to be accountable for his actions. It seems revolutionary but isn't it what we the people should require.

4. Flat Tax.. Pete believes in a true flat tax, that is a tax system where there are no loopholes or deductions. Everyone pays the same rate . Pete Ashdown on Taxes.

5. Immigration

Pete Ashdown and I have the same beliefs, which are instep with most Utahans both Republicans and Democrats.

  1. Make employers accountable and give them Internet based tools to verify residency.
  2. Secure both borders and both coasts.
  3. Streamline legal immigration and set limits based on worker demand and student vacancy.
  4. No prioritization for existing illegal immigrants and no amnesty for businesses breaking the law.
  5. Pete on Guns.. I had to check to see and find out if you could be a Democrat and a gun owner. It turns out you can its just no very common.

The right of Utah citizens to own and use weapons for personal and public defense is mentioned in both the US Bill of Rights and also in the Utah State Constitution. As a Senator, I will support those Constitutional rights to responsibly own and use guns. The State of Utah is primarily responsible for defining what constitutes legal use of guns for the citizens of the state and the current laws seem to be reasonable and working as they presently exist.
Pete Ashdown Kicks Ass

I hope Utahan's are open minded and don't do crazy things like vote a straight ticket. Even the Prophet said recently that it's ok to vote democrat. Just because Hatch has been in office 30 years doesn't make him any better if he fails to do good for America and Utah after all he represents our piece of the Federal government. I urge all Utahans to look and see what the candidates are about. I think Pete Ashdown has one of the best campaign sites ever. Visit them all and find the candidate that you are comfortable with. I am comfortable with Pete.

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They Call Me the Streak...

Sometimes you just have to run naked in public. And when nature calls you to run naked in public, you should always hide your identity with a pumpkin on your head covering your face. We all know that when streaking identity privacy is of the up most concern. Of course though you do give your real and full name to any and all reporters who cover such a newsworthy event.

"Naked frivolity heats up the night" Rocky Mountain News

Jazzmin Jenkins, 21, of Boulder, said she had nothing to fear.

"With the pumpkin on the head, it's anonymous," Jenkins reasoned. "What could be more gratifying than running around naked?"

In case you are wondering who these geniuses are...

Jazzmin Jenkins

Aaron Dew

Dave Marvin

Marisa Hayes

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